Pinterest marketing in 2018

what is the tool name ?

I heard some people are getting traction on Pinterest by joining huge group boards with thousands of followers.

Then they post a little bit of their own GOOD content in the group board ( no spam).

I don’t think to have a huge following is essential. I think what’s important is the group board.

Of course, you need a few followers to be able to join large group board, cause the admin won’t accept you if your profile looks like a spammy account with one follower and no pins.

I didn’t test this strategy yet, but I will soon.

I would say pinterest is the best place for traffic :slight_smile:


Looks like you’re in a really great NICHE.

Awesome numbers!! :star_struck:

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How are you converting this traffic - website etc

Would like to know about the tools that you are using.

Iam using it to sell my items there, niche is favoured by huge ammount of images to pin so its quite easy :wink:


What is the niche if you do not mind sharing?

Pinterest is a social media network that allows users to create pins and board to share or discover new interest by posting images or videos to their own boards.
The implementing pinterest marketing strategy for your business may increase sales and brand awareness globally. Using Pinterest Marketing, share images and videos just create pins. Every pin links back to their original source, so pinterest can be a great source of referral traffic for any business.


So im just getting into the pinterest “Game” Im kinda lost, not sure how to make these pinterest accounts grow. Any tips?

can you tell me how to join group board quicker ? Its so hard with me, im only have 20 group board

Hey guys! Are any of you experts doing paid consultancy? Looking for someone to help me understand how to get results on pinterest.

I’ve not really had any progress with this since pinterest updated their button from like to show me more of these etc

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It helps if you add more details about what you’ve done till now, what niche you’re in etc.

The Pin button has been changed to Save button. Not sure where this ‘show me more’ button is that you’re referring to.

Same thing it basically ruined the old way of scaling. It’s been a while since.

I have done nothing in 1-2 years on pinterest any more so new accounts mainly but i have established ones too.

main niches are electric scooter, electric bikes, body shapers, waist trainers, hotel furniture etc.

I naturally deleted my business account. Can you explain me?