Pinterest marketing in 2018


I have been using Pinterest for some time now and I have had my ups and downs. Pinterest has changed quite a lot and they are constantly changing and upgrading their algorithms. Sometimes it is quite hard to keep up with them and you have to have your own twist so you can manage to generate a good amount of traffic from Pinterest. There are not a lot of discussion about Pinterest nowadays and I am wondering if there are still people that are into Pinterest marketing? I am not talking about selling stuff on Pinterest, I am interested more generating traffic to your website and monetizing with Adsense for example.


i do pinterest for adsense generate lots of traffic with pins to my adsense account. i still say pinterest is far more the best place for traffic despite a lot have change yet if you know what you are doing you can still get the traffic from it

the fact is traffic from pinterest is far more than what you get from facebook, twitter and youtube combine


how do you use pinterest? what is your particular tactic?

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How many accounts u have and in how many group boards u are repining daily?

in pinterst i have just 2 accounts first accunt has 12000 followers and lots of group boards while second account has 500 followers with few group board

the only thing i do with this two accounts is just pining randomly on each all by automation, each day pin 90 pins per day per account, i have pining tools that i use

also i don’t do follow and unfollow as those don’t work any more in pinterest have tested it several times seriouly speaking a lot has chamge in pinterest
i have other tool called pin grabber which help me to grab pins with the highest amount of repins depending on how i set the amount though repins no longer working in pinterest but it is still working in my pin grabber

in terms of getting followers i have a tip am working on right now that can help you get atlest 300 follower within 48hrs when am through i will put it here for all to see, it is a free community for growing social media sites
i want you to know that pinterest as a results of it numerous changes is now a serach engine on it own believe or not that is the truth.
if you have any question letme know
@tommy @sydney


What if the original creator of that pin, reports you? You will lose all traffic from that pin and the domain can be in danger if the pin exists on your site.

I am interested in this. Sounds good.

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Hello, colleages!
What happened with Pinterest in March?
I had great results before, but now everything goes down with amazing speed.
Do you have anything like it? Quantity of views, clicks, impressions became very low.
I have no idea what it is and what to do.
Thank you for your ideas and opinion in advance.

my tactic quite different from what others here are using are using it took me time and great effort and thinking to come out with this trick

anyway i iw ill tkae time out to comply it all and post it here so others that are intrested can use it as well as refine the strategy


in my tool for pinning there is a section in the software that make every pin unique this is done by automatically change the pixel dimension of the scraped\grapped pin by pin grabber therefore making all pins unqiue from the original one scraped

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Maybe your link got banned. Check it with VPN if possible. What kind of strategy were you using to market on Pinterest?

there is nothing you can do it their algorithim often have experince it after sometime traffic bounce back as usual. but you most know that pinterest is no more a social site is gradully changing in to image search engine hence you must treat it like engine

one of the tip or secrets that pinterest uses in ranking or showing up pins is the number of times a particular pin has been saved that is one of their main tip they mostly use to make sure pin shows at the top of a serch or feed whenever any body type in that keyword, note this does not depend on the number of followers you have. in fact i just started a new pinterest account with no single follower just two pins yet this two pins are are bringing loads of traffic simply becauese it has been saved so many times

instead of concenrating on getting followers give more time to making sure that most of your pins are beeen saved by atleat 50 other pinterest users


first i work with blogger though i have few wordpress blogs but majorly on blogger for the past 9 years now, yes i have experince such ban on some of my blogger blogs but for now i have way round it since my major souce for traffic is pinterest, what i do is just change the or edith the url, adding an alphabet to main url changes everything then i start pining again

another way this method i one use it on my wordpress blog, i create an intermidary landing page that will say click here if you what so and so, but must be compleing that will led to the wordpress blog when the cta buttoon is click this way my blog is safe, another secret the way i use in send traffic from different pinterest acct to same blog without this, method you main website will be blacklisted by pinterest

also is the same method i use in safe guading my 2 main pinterest account, which i will explain later in detail becos pinterest this day is very sensitive any little miskate you lose your account forever account that took you time and effort to build , a lot has changed in pinterest especially getting followers it is not the way it use to be so for those who still have there old acct with lots of followers do well to keep it safe if you think you can start an acct and grow it with thouands of follower the way it use to be back then for now it is impossible that is why am keepng safe my 2 main account because am a crazy careless user of pinterest i use othr SUPPORTING account to do the DIRTY job just last mount alone got 420,0000 traffic to my blogs all from traffic . please not this was not with thousands of image pined to pinterest and most of them DELIBRATLY saved several times by other piners , have a tool and a way to makin this happen to any of my pins i want saved by others

well i stop here


No, my pinterest is working, but efficiency dropped.
My strategy is simple - like, follow, unfollow is one part. Another part is 3 times a day pinning of my products in 100 group boards. It worked very well, but now something strange happens.

Great insights @osasobas,

I’m curious if you are using any redirection that lead to your pages. If not, have you tried rich pins?
I found that Pinterest prefers to rank them on the news feed and is more easily to rank them instead the normal pins.

I guess you are not monetizing with CPC model, but u are using CPA or some affiliate network. That way u don’t need more traffic and can be more profitable.

BTW, what is your opinion, which are the most profitable niches on Pinterest?

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thankyou. please do let me know when you share it! id be very curious

Are you looping the same pins on your group boards? Just changing the image hash?

I don’t understand what you mean by that. How can you add a letter to the url?

Have you written down your process for gaining followers? I am interested to see it since many people won’t allow me into group boards without a certain number of followers.

Could you please share the name of the tool?

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interested too

Hi, I’m interested too.