Pinterest RePin/New Pins Ratio

I have heard many different numbers from Pinterest “Gurus” all over the place regarding their pin ratio.

Some state, that you should have 80% repins 20% your own content.

I had someone say the ratios should be the exact opposite because pinterest algo would boost people that contribute in the form on content creation.

Some say 50-50.

I am so confused. Has anyone here with a substantial Pinterest experience any advice on this?
PS: I am growing a pinterest account for my personal brand in the business niche

In a book about social media marketing it says that Pinterest officially recommends to have 80% own pins and 20% repins.

This worked pretty well for me to this point, it’s worth trying I guess.

Alright, will try it then, thanks

Have you had the chance to test this out? What kind of results are you getting?

No, I decided to take a step away from Pinterest and grow my current streams and focus on my money making activities.

I will dive into Pinterest at a later point