Pinterest Repining - is it dead?

I’m thinking of setting up 100 accounts in a tiered strategy to repin my main account pins. I’m wondering if anyone is still doing this? I’ve seen lots of people saying pinterest is dead so I’m not sure if I should even bother or will be accounts get banned?

It’s not dead, just harder than it used to be.

Don’t forget to join some group boards related to your niche and pin there too.


Currently I’m in 30 groups.I make pins in there but I get no traffic to my site. I know my pins look good… I just think it would work a lot better if I repinned with 40-50 accounts to get my post going don’t you think?

Yes, repinning them should help.

I do repining from my 30 accs my main account who has pins created by Canva. So 2 weeks past and i get ZERO traffic from my repining from 30 accs. So I wounder why. Everyday I repin other 4 pins + 1 my pin (from main account)= 5 pins everyday. Why I don`t get any traffic? My main account statistic says that I have 30 repins to my pins. So obviously 30 accs are active and not baned.

I wanted to give repinning a try after a while. Using around 25 accs to repin some good-looking recipe pins in a tiered structure. So far, zero traffic; Pinterest might dead. Maybe someone has another kind of experience that they might wanna share.

Can’t feedback anything yet, but just started some tests around repinning for traffic generation. Give it a week and I’ll feedback!

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Day 14: Repinning around 20 pins/day w/ 25 accs. Still no traffic.
If anyone is doing well on PI, let me know how you do it :grinning:

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Starterd over 1 month ago
1 business profile with a few quality group boards, pinning manually 50-70 pins a day (30% my pins, 70% others people pins)
27 profiles pinning the pins from main profile to 3 group boards on each profile, all pins pinned once in every group board. So far, 600-800 visits a day but I need at least 30 more pins + it takes time for a pin to go viral. Next step, putting 30+ profiles in tier 3 to take pins from tier 2 accounts and pin in their own boards.
Will update…


I do the same 16 days :slight_smile: zero traffic :frowning:

Probably you have good group boards. I wish to have 600 visitors to my website too.