Pinterest Spam Strategy. Still Working?

I am planning on buying multiple domains and using this method to redirect to my main domain.

This is so I don’t get my main domain banned on pinterest while spamming.

So my question is:

  1. Does this redirecting method still work, can pinterest detect it?

  2. could they find out that the link redirects?

  3. If they can detect it and I do it any way, will they also ban my main domain

I obviously want to ask everyone before testing, just in case my main domain does get banned. Then im screwed. Also, this article by pinterest made me concerned as well.


Also, if I don’t claim/verify a website, could it still get banned by pinterest?

By Spamming you mean?

I am going to setup a strategy like this

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Why do you redirect?
Why don’t you just have multiple landing page on multiple domain, but they all sign up for the same email list…

Why i cant acess this toppic by OP? :slight_smile:

You need to be level 2

How i can become one :confused: