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If your accounts are aged more than a month and you have 50 of them, you do not need even proxy. my MP is running 38 Pin profiles without proxies. Just do not be too aggressive with MP.


Thanks for the reply @dawoodahmadbhatti
May I ask what do you mean by not aggressive? What are your follow/re-pin settings are like?


MP default settings are good.


Hey man!

If you do not mind sharing, what kind of traffic are you getting with using 40 accounts? A few hundred clicks a day, a few thousand? See numerous sites out there getting 500k+ visits a month all from pinterest along, wondering how many accounts would be needed to make something like this happen.



That depends on the type of website. My hairstyles blog rose to 500 unique visits per day with only 8 accounts in about 20 days but the same strategy is considerably less effective in the case of e-commerce stores.

For a content website, working on Pinterest creates rapid results and, at least with my content website, the Pinterest traffic does not decline; it is ever increasing.

Till now, for e-commerce, Pinterest has produced moderate result, say 1/5th of what Pin would produce for a content website. May be this is because I am new into e-commerce.


Awesome, thanks for the reply man!

And what are you doing to get the traffic? Using 1 main account to post pins from your site to? Then repinning it on all your other accounts? In the case of the hairstyles blog repinning the pins of your main account linking to your blog on all 8 accounts? And around how many pins do you post on your main account a day to get repinning from your secondary accounts? Curious as to around how many articles I will need created before I can start running.



Hey @Adnan
Can you let us inform us about your PI follow/re-pin settings?
I am curious as to what kind of a limit PI puts on users


3 accounts in the past 2 days…


how aggressive were you with settings and what was the quality of what you were posting?


They were brand new accounts, registered within the past week. I actually wasn’t posting anything, just repinning from my 4 main pinterest accounts (plus 2 other random ones). I think I was repinning 10 times a day. Using default settings for everything else.

I suspect the problem was due to me only repinning the same stuff. I had it on my list to set up a campaign to post from a few RSS feeds, but hadn’t gotten around to it yet.


yep, you need to make them look like normal accounts, set everything up at a minimum and always hide what you’re posting by posting/reposting more of other stuff.


Did anyone of you guys tried selling custom shirts targeting a niche in Pinterest? or Maybe selling from Amazon affiliates ?


I am very interested in Selling Custom T-Shirts using Pinterest. I hope we both get an answer to this.


@Johnny is there any basic guide to pinterest and setup with MP settings ? trying to locate but cant find any . would be grateful if you can help


@Johnny hit the mark. You just can’t continually repin a few of the same pins from the same site over and over.

Find popular pins from the same niche and repin those at the same or greater rate than your actual content.


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