Pinterest Strategies


I thought I’d start this to see if anyone has any good Pinterest strategies.

Pinterest can be great to drive a lot of targeted traffic to a site, but it works differently than Instagram and Twitter. The number of followers doesn’t matter - it’s the number of repins that matter instead.

A couple of things I’ve tried:

  • Create a number of “seeder” Pinterest accounts that repin specific pins in rounds, to get the number of repins up.
  • Automatically repin to group boards, to get the pins in front of more accounts
  • Creating “viral” boards with pins with over 1K repins, and seeding my pins within that board.

Beyond follow/unfollow, does anyone have a proven strategies for Pinterest?



I just started working on growing up some pinterest accounts to send traffic to one of my new sites.
It seems like posting to group boards is a pretty popular way of going, although I am not sure how most people end up getting invites to the group boards. How did you go about getting into your groups, did you message the group owners asking for an invite?
It also seems like seeding pins that are “viral” would make sense as far as growing more attention as they have previously worked for other people on pinterest, as silly as this sounds have you tried maybe doubling your amount of “seeder” pinterest accounts so you have more seeders to repin the “viral” boards?


To get onto group boards, yes, you need to reach out to the group owner - I don’t know any way around that.

For seeding, I’ve only set up 10 accounts so far - more makes sense, it can just be time consuming to set them up.


you can also do exchanges, there are many people doing this, you have to be a member in a couple of these groups, then you can make exchanges with other people, you add them to those group they add you in the ones they’re in.


Thanks for sharing @mprocks. How many accounts do you use for repins?


Testing conservatively with 10 accounts right now, to see what sort of results we get.


Thank you for the reply,. It would be interesting to see your progress. How many accounts are you planning to create for repins?


It will depend on how successful our test is.


Heya guys!

For your accounts, do you manually create them or buy them? I bought some accounts, but seems like 1 in every 4 of them end up getting banned a day or two after logging in, my guess is because the change in the ip address. Do you guys know of any people who sell accounts that will not get banned a few days after you start using them? And what is your guys preference on the number of accounts to run per ip address, right now I am testing 5 but I feel like that may be too high, and something like 3 may be safer.



With Pinterest, it’s easy enough to create your own accounts from scratch - you just need a unique email address, you can use gmail addresses. Then you can start it with the IP that you’re going to run from, and don’t need to worry about it getting locked immediately.


Hi everyone! I think, that the only one really working strategy is to post your pins in big group boards.

Can someone tell me, what is the most effective method to get group board invites? One year ago I used to comment last pin from group board owner/ Is it still works for getting invites, or there is another way?


Yea, would be awesome if anyone had an automated solution on how to get invited to groups that we could use with massplanner, would be much easier then having to manually ask to get invites for groups, especially once you reach 10+ accounts. I was also wondering how you guys running traffic from pinterest to your sites go about getting your articles made? I normally just hire writers from freelancer for my other sites which are more viral related compared to what my pinterest site is (DIY Niche). And from past experience sometimes it takes 5+ writers before you can find one who actually is able to do the job somewhat how you would like them to. So if anyone has any suggestions / recommendations on finding good writers, or how to go about getting the content for these sites that receive traffic from pinterest it would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


you can also try iwriter, you get the articles a lot faster and you can simply reject bad articles instantly…you can find a couple of good writers fast, at least that’s what i use when i am in a hurry to get a couple articles


You can also try Just look for writers with big amount of positive reviews and ask them to show you some examples of their work, before you pay them.


iWriter is much better than fiverr. You get articles delivered fast, you can reject if you don’t like them. They run articles through copyscape, so you get unique content.

Simply, you pay only for the articles you like. And it can be cheaper than fiverr, depending on quality you need.



Pinterest does not block/ban accounts anymore. I am not sure about the bought accounts but I created about 40 Pin accounts with mail,com email and aggressively spammed Pinterest. I am getting some traffic and not a single of my accounts have been blocked. It has been more than 3 months now. So I am pretty sure thay have stopped banning accounts as I see it in the light of my previous banned pin accounts experience.

Summary: You are 100% SAFE with YOUR accounts. No need to worry about IP


Haha, interesting, though I don’t see how that could be true, I mean them stopping banning accounts, if they don’t fight spammers their platform will be filled with spam very fast. Maybe you got really lucky or you’ve found the golden technique :stuck_out_tongue: what do you do exactly?


I guess they see spammers as contributors. One evidence of this is their relaxed policy for affiliate links as they have again allowed the same.

Also, as per stats say, 60% of Pinterest comes from branded websites i.e. e-commerce stores.


You’ve just been lucky :slight_smile: I bought 20 accounts, 6 of them got banned in couple of hours. All used on private proxies. 3 per account.


So no need for proxies? Even though you have 50 accounts?