Pinterest Suspended Accounts

-I have 30 accounts and 70 boards.
-One month warm up.
-I follow 25-35 accounts a day.
-3-5 likes a day.
-3 accounts per proxy
-Each account have 2-3 boards for reppining my pins and 2-3 boards for other pins.

Today I started to repin my pins and 15 of 30 accounts are suspended.

What did I do wrong ?

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Same here. Couple of accounts suspended.
There was a mass ban couple of days ago.
I am guessing more will come.

Is there any chance of re-activating suspended PI accounts?

But I didn’t spam like before with other suspended accounts,this time I was going slowly, very slowly no spam, repining only other pins and on the first day boom,accounts suspended.

Can anybody share any other strategy for avoiding mass ban from Pinterest ?

maybe you left some footprints, something to tie those accounts together, can you think of anything?

I use the same private proxy addresses.
I didn’t changed the proxie addresses after Pinterest suspended my accounts for the first time.

And maybe some of them I invited to boards with the same account that I invited the previous suspended accounts.

yep, those might be some of the reasons, try not to leave any footprints next time, keep everything separate

None of mine got, but the day is still young

Can you share your strategy ? @DaveNL
What do you think about mine ?

Same here, Pinterest suspended all my three main accounts. Previously they suspended also 3 main accounts on the same proxies. All 3 were on a separate private proxy.

It’s interesting that I repin twice more from other accounts than from my own business account. I repin only in 8 group boards per account daily. Also I follow the default settings for the like and follow tool.

I think Pinterest is in PMS this period.

I stayed calm for a month, only followed 25-35 accounts daily and repined random pins in 2-3 boards per account.
Plan was to start to repin my own pins, each account have 2-3 boards, I wanted to be like real account.
I started and suspended on the first day :smiley: 15 of 30 accounts :confused.

And now I will start again… I will get new proxies, and invite accounts to group boards with “clean account”.

I run 3 accounts per proxy. I don’t think the proxy is the problem, because just the main account was suspended. The other 2 bot accounts which are repining more aggressively are still doing fine.

Pinterest is weird these days. They are banning accounts more aggressively than Facebook.

The thing i did is make all these accounts look real, they all have profiles, pictures of soccer moms not hot babes making a selfie that you often see, profile completely filled out, all my boards have descriptions, not spun crap, real descriptions (hint iu use the same description multiple times), if you only have 30 accounts start pinning some content from websites instead of only repining in your warm up period, your settings do look fine to me, another thing you can do is setup 30 blogs on tumblr, blogger, wordpress with some PLR articles in and add those to yoru profiles.

I know it a lot of work but if you really wanna stay under the radar you have to make your accounts legit as possible, stop with the proxies you used get a new batch, your settings do seem fine to me to start off with.

Thanks for info :smiley: very helpful

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Pinterest is the fucking worst. If you ever fap on there even once they’ll aggressively email you images that violate their own policies all day long and as soon as you start pinning them even in private boards they’ll ban you. I was with them for years and they just banned me twice in a row. All of my boards gone. I give up.

Thanks for info very helpful

Same happening to me

what proxy provider you use?

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I have 400 Pinterest accounts, all business accounts. What I get from MP is always Invalid Credentials but when I open the browser it’s actually logged in ( I think it’s the full browser experience that’s causing this) or I get this:

I don’t warm them up. Before, I put 5 accounts in one proxy and they are working fine. I repin 100 a day and post 500 through campaigns (which of course does not necessarily post that much). As for follow, I follow 100 a day. Out these accounts, there only 2 accounts that got suspended (20 million views a month) because those were obviously posting the same photos over and over again. But now, at least I am back with 10million views for 5 accounts and they are steady.

@Consigliere, do you post from Campaigns?


hello, brother, I want to know how you control 400 accounts, using any software and agents? I only have 20 accounts, some have more than 10 million views, and I have 3 accounts recently disabled.

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