Pinterest Traffic Down

Hey Guys how are you?
I have a Pinterest account that working on Jarvee for more than 1 Year
I got 1M traffic per Month till now.
In the last month, my Traffic Go down to 0~500 per week.

I think I have a bug in the repin tool and it’s not published any more pictures from other users.

Please let me know what do you think that could be… maybe shadowban?

Thank you, guys.


What do you mean by this, do you get any errors on your Dashboard - Summary? Are you saying that your repins are not going or what happens exactly?

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I think there has been a big Pinterest Algo change. I have a number of aged accounts and most are down 70% or better. I’ve been trying to do some research online for answers. I believe they are downgrading accounts that primarily repin and not add fresh, new pins. This is still a theory, but that is what I’m reading and most of my accounts heavily repin versus upload pins.

I’m waiting before doing anything drastic to the accounts to see if it is like a Google algo update. (some significant swings in traffic and it flattens out after a few weeks).

I am also seeing less repinning on my accounts with Jarvee and having some trouble posting the same image to multiple boards. It could be an attempt to block tools by Pinterest. Again, I’m waiting for more time to review the data and trends.

I haven’t been actively using pinterest for biz for a year or so. I have noticed over the past 3 months, the impressions/traffic has gone down. My guess is there is an algo change.

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I personally haven’t noticed anything 'cause I am not using Pinterest actively but yeah, I’ve heard from couple of guys already about the Pinterest algo change.

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