Pinterest update and popularity setting

Did all of your Pinterest accounts recently update or is it just me? It appears the Pin counter changed and the Favorites were removed.

I used to be able to repin or favorite based on number of repins and likes but not anymore. I spoke with MP who confirmed.

Hopefully they find a workaround. Pinterest seems to have the highest quality but if Twitter or IG change that, eeeesh.

Anyone have same issue?

Hmm, I haven’t noticed that on the few accounts that I have setup, I will check them again

I spoke with support and reset the embedded browser but checked again and still issues. Honestly, I feel like a Jinx. I have been having so many issues since I started. Seemed like all of Social Media changed when they know I am coming.

None of my accounts are hitting the minimum limits. IG I am doing keyword follow and all the rest using follow friends of user. Each source has 100,000+ friends.

Sorry to hear that, my advice is not to give up though, keep asking support and playing with all the settings and all should fall into place…

I think I found out the main issue all along. Sucks I wasted so many days of MP. It was my CPU power. When I checked the logs it was barely following (like 6 per hour), started bypassing settings and seemed to follow all non-English profiles. All accounts it seemed to follow had no posts and was in foreign characters.

My newly upgraded dedicated Quad Core solved it, however it is struggling at 15 simultaneous connections but still running smooth (90-100 CPU). I was doing that previously with my dual core.

Johnny maybe you can answer this question. I do not want to go above a quad core. I am doing aggressive follow, unfollow, and light repost and favorite with Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. I am trying to do 800-1000 follow/unfollows per day and using the default 15 simultaneous connections.

Realistically, how many accounts can I run using 15 simultaneous connections before my minimums are not reached?

One suggestion is I think you should update your FAQ maybe stating the difference between heavy campaign use vs embedded browser use. Campaigns use almost nothing but embedded browser is very resource intensive. Using the free AWS, I would say it can only support two accounts max before issues occur,

Hopefully in the future your team can somehow find out how to lean those embedded browsers out a bit.

How many accounts you have in total? Instagram + All other accounts?
Embedded browser also uses a lot of RAM, not only CPU is matter.

I have only 20 for now. But Ram should not go up if you limit connections. Ram is not even hitting 2. However, CPU at 90-100 at Quad Core.

I have 8 twitter, 5 IG, 5 Pin, 2 Tumblr.

But how many accounts do you think will still hit limits at 15 simultaneous connections.

I’m sure you can use up to 50-60 accounts without any issues with 15 simultaneous connections. One thing is bothering me, why your CPU usage goes up to 90-100%? Do you have any other programs running on that machine?

is your MP crakced by any chance? :stuck_out_tongue: that would be a reason for the 100% cpu usage :joy:

on a more serious note…you don’t need 15 concurrent connection for that many accounts, 5 will be more than enough.


Nope, I am a paying customer and support has TeamViewer and VPSed my account multiple times. Search factoverfallacy on your freshdesk and you will see I am keeping you guys busy =)

I tried on my dual core to limit connections to 7 and was having issues on not making minimums. My server is dedicated too. It could have been 7 was too much for a dual core slowing it down.

The reason I asked the question is:

Doing the math at 10-20 minute breaks doing 15-30 per operation. For math sake average 15 minutes and 22 per operation. Those are pretty safe settings and many uses it.

15-minute connections mean 4 operations per hour. 24 hours in a day that makes 24x4= 96 operations per day. 22 followers x 4 operations per hour is 88 x 24 hours in a day is 2112 followers in perfect conditions. This is also not taking into account operation time to finish.

So a max of 2112 followers per day running 24/7. If I half the connections that would be 1056 followers per day. That barely makes it and that is with perfect conditions. If you have follow, unfollow, like and repost on, there will definitely be some conflicts and push outs of times. Also any type of filters would lessen those numbers.

Am I missing something on the math? Seems like I can only at the most have twice as many accounts per simultaneous connections unless MP runs with 100% efficiency.

Have you done the above no issue? I was asking on Facebook Group but most people do IG and FB which are much less CPU intensive. Are you saying MP can do 4x the accounts per number of simultaneous connections?

It goes up and down but this is at 15 dedicated connections when working hard.

I am running an Intel Xeon 2.3Ghz Quad core dedicated with Windows Server 2016. I lowered the ram to only 3ghz cause ram has never topped out with MP so far.

I’ll try and test everything you said with Pinterest in a couple of days and see if I ca replicate the issue and find a solve.

Great thanks. I will wait for you as I am tired to experimenting. I will leave it at my Quad core for now.

I feel Pinterest sucks up the most CPU for some reason. I know MP is using an outdated Chrome browser. Maybe that has something to do with it?

that could be it as well, the version we are using is a little over 1 year old, we are in the process of updating that as well, should be live in a couple of weeks, that might help with this…

I just opened a support ticket cause Pinterest is not following properly. It is scrolling the page not the follower scroll part. However the new Chrome browser only has one scroll for followers.

I also have another issue with unfollow on an account. Support said to delete and extract. I set extract to 10000 seconds yet stops at like 30. The Pinterest browser is very choppy which might be the main issue.


Still having a lot of Pinterest Problems.

  1. Did you ever check if your Pinterest layout changed? I still have to keep popularity for repin and favorite to zero for filters. Seems like all browsers outside of MP show new layout and all new accounts in MP.

  2. Also, are you able to hit follow numbers for Pinterest? I have been going back and forth with support but still issues. The scroll seems to stop at only 15 seconds, so my sources that have 500K followers are erroring as full in MP.

I let them know it is also only scrolling the page and not the followers scroll tab but they said that is okay. However, the new chrome browser does away with the follower scroll tab and allows much more followers per page. So I think it is a browser issue.

  1. I was having unfollow issues and per support, I deleted all follows from MP and was told to extract them back in. However, as per issue on 2. it is scrolling only for a few seconds. I am only able to extract 200 out of 11,000.

  2. I keep getting this message on Pinterest:

“oops you can’t follow this person because they blocked you”

Why am I getting this on a lot of my follows? I thought MP would not refollow the same person? Does this mean something else?

Not yet, I was away for the new year and just got back so i didn’t have time for this, I’ll try and finish everything that’s urgent tomorrow then I’ll see what’s the deal with pinterest.

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