Pinterest upload pin without a description

There is someone that know that issue?
When I’m adding post from Jarvee campaign to the pinterest main account it uploading thr picture with title and description but if I’m sign out from this account and going to the same profile from another account (account that not uploaded the pin) I will see the pins but without a title and description, the description appears only if I’m with the main account that uploaded the pin.
Anyone know this and how can I solve it?

Can you share the Pin’s URL?

Or, you can just contact Jarvee support, they will help you with this issue.

I sent to Jarvee support yesterday and they didn’t answer me yet.
All the pins without a description.
Here is the URL:
(5) Pinterest

Perhaps those are some safety settings you’ve set up. I don’t think the issue’s got anything to do with Jarvee.

Tahnks for all for the help, I fixed it and I found that Pinterest not allowed to upload descriptions with links.

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