Pinterest Warm Up Strategy

Hi guys,

I created 2 accounts thru the embed browser as a test. And waited like a day before doing some very light following and both accounts got banned shortly after.

So I am wondering what your warm up strategy looks like at Pinterest and if it makes more sense to rather buy some “aged” accounts (I would prefer to make my own to be in control from the start), not sure how strict Pinterest is but I assumed a lot less than IG?

Thank you :slight_smile:

You need to make accounts look real. This is what I do:

  • Create account
  • Confirm it (through embedded browser so you use same IP for confirmation)
  • Add image, bio (just some quote or something)
  • Create 5-10 boards
  • Repin some pins manually to couple of those boards
  • Turn on repin tool for each board, repin about 5 pins per day
  • Turn on like tool
  • Start following in a day or two
  • Start unfollowing in 7 days

Don’t repin only your pins, you’ll get banned. Repin from various sources (keywords, categories).

Here are the results:


Thank you very much Adnan! Healthy looking Status ;).

I guess I should have put a bit more work into them after set up (only had 2-3 boards initially). Will try again and wait 2 days before the first follow.

BTW you will probably know if this is possible with MP, I have been using boardbooster for a personal pinterest account for a while. I had it set up so it repins pins from my main board to boards where I am a “contributor”, so those boards dont belong to me, I was doing daily 1 pin and once it went thru all my pins (say after 30 days in case I have 30 pins in that board) it will then start again at the beginning. Can this be set up too with MP?

Yes, you can set up “something like” that. Go to repin tool for that group board and use source Repin from boards, then add your board there.

Set it repin one pin per day.

What could be the problem is:

  • if you don’t have “allow double repin” enabled, tool will eventually run out of pins to repin
  • if you have “allow double repin” enabled, it could happen that same pin will be repinned 2x days in a row (although there are slim chances for that).

There’s also “Repin from a provided list of Pins” source, you can add URL of your pins there. Then Mass Planner will repin them to that board and remove them from the list so they don’t get pinned 2x. (unless you check the option “Keep items in the list after they’re repinned”.

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Hello, I see you have so many pinterest account and not get banned. COuld you tell us the setting that you use?

Something like…
Max Repin/day etc
and also how many accounts / proxy.


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Thanks again Adnan! This sounds great :slight_smile:

I might be seeing a pattern with signing up for Pinterest with’s, small sample size so far but all 3 accounts I signed up with .ru’s ended up getting banned right after the first manual pin (was able to create a board each) and all other accounts I created (same proxy provider) with different email providers like rediff and gmx seem fine and have now 5-10 boards with bunch of manual pins, is this a pattern you can confirm on Pinterest?

I did got couple of accounts banned immediately, but I have a lot of them still alive and working fine. Looks like it’s better to use gmail trick I wrote about to create accounts or some other email service.

I’m following about 400-500 users per day, same with unfollow, just start it 6-7 days after starting follow tool.
Repins, about 25-35 per day (including my own pins).
And I’m using max 3 accounts per proxy.


Foolish me… I did just that to my previous Pinterest account and it worked fine, now I did the same as the OP and got my account suspended after following 12 people in a single day! lol… for spamming!

This is madness, I sent a message to appeal but I don’t expect them to even reply…

Are there any good practices when it comes to recreating a suspended account? If I try to set up another account using a similar name?

Looking good, thanks for the tips

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which is best way to built the board by uplodaing scrapped image to the board or i need search image for keyword and repin. Will i get any organic follower to my profile.

Also i tried to upload the image using campaign and destination list i got error code 21 but the action was successful publish. I can’t see the image post to my board

Thanks for the tips

Hey @Adnan how is your traffic on your website looking from all of these accounts?

To be honest, I haven’t checked those accounts in a while and my main website’s URL got blocked on Pinterest :slight_smile: So starting over when I have time - move everything to new domain and start pinning again.

This probably happened since I haven’t added anything new to my site for almost a year now and all I was doing was repinning old stuff all the time.

Important thing is that most of accounts is still OK.


I’m just starting down the Pinterest automation road and setting up my accounts with what I would consider very conservative settings to start out.

Only repinning 1-2 pins per board for the first couple of days I setup the account. Then turning on the Follow module after the first couple of days and only following 1-2 people in the first day and adding 1 to my max follows per day. After about 2 weeks or so, I’ll ramp it up a bit, but going very slow in the beginning.

I’ve, also, set it up to only perform actions between 6am - 9pm.

I’m only on day 2 right now, so no clue how it’ll work out in the end, but I think this will be a pretty good setup for warming up accounts.

First week 1 to 5 pins per board, 10 to 30 followers per day
second week 5 to 10pins per board, 50 to 100 followers per day

When your boards are nicely filled (between 50 and 150 pins) stop repining from keywords and only use pins from your main boards, that is how i do it right now.

@Adnan is there any difference between setting a campaign and/or using reppin tool? What I want to do is the following - i’ve ust set 10 acc all with 10-15 different group boards + 2-3 boards to repin from different sources to cover my activity. I want to repin only once from every profile to every group board I have + 25+ repins to my boards from other users. My question is, should I set up a campaign for pinning in group boards or should I use the repin tool? Is there any difference in pin reach and counting total number of repins?