PJWs "Post Justice Warriors" Triggered By Not Giving Credit


I recently I had uploaded a 30 photo list and don’t give credit in the captions.

I messaged the photo owner that I would PP her $10 but she never replied lol, what should I do?

This is the result of one of my posts that went viral that I swooped. 15+ PSWs bitching on my post haha.

You should give credit,if not be prepared for this.
Modify your caption giving credit.
Respot to all the negative comments saying you are sorry and that you corrected your mistake.
Pray the Lord for forgiveness.


Yea I was considering that action or to use this moment as a way to collect all the names of my haters and block them. :punch:

Why would you block them? They are boosting your engagement :slight_smile:


I know but I want to increase the shelf life of my brand.

I was reading about the whole issue and pretty much came across a bunch of people who had their photos stolen and reported it and blah blah and IG still did nothing so its really just how I want to present my brand at this point.

I will be uploading a new list with credits so hopefully that’ll relax the PJWs

So you want to present your brand by using stolen photos? Turn your page into a hub and then people will WANT to be posted there.


That is basically what I transitioning into.

I just want to be sure this gang of commentators cannot due some serious damage to my page by spamming the report button while drinking their late night vino.

The chick that I took the picture from has an account with 26k and screenshotted what I posted and then told all her followers to go report me haha. I commented on the post that this is harassment, we will seeee…

Maybe I will have to sacrifice my account and get banned for science!

Should I be nervous or just archive the post?

Delete it and send an apology and then kiss some ass. Hell hath no fury like a woman whose IG picture you reposted.


Had this issue on one account fast.
I woke up to 40 comments on a new account i figured hey great engagement!All of them were hate posts when the owner caught me red handed.
I deleted all the photos,changed account name and rested for few days.
Came back and noone even remembered anymore.
You could disable your account for few days to avoid geting reported.When you activate it change the username and delete the bad photos.

That is what I did this morning but she disregarded it, I don’t know if she wants a war?

It would be best to not, She will win. All you can do is play it cool and be complimentary. I would remove any other photos of hers as well. She is probably part of the Instagram Posse and will ask them to report as well.

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Yea but whats best is not always what is most fun.

I was reading about a few ways to silence her account if her reporting is effective and came across two options that basically the same and make sense.


Each would come from different companies and not be on a drip setting.

Take her to Flag City :dart: :golf:

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Karma my friend!! Give people credit, that’s the only way you can build a sustainable brand. Instead of wasting your time, money & energy to cause harm to another account, perhaps just use it to find more good content and give credit. Just saying. Your strategy sounds more like a pump & dump strategy, this is NOT how you will build a long-term brand.


So first you steal someones content,then you don’t give credit and then you want to report her?
Thats just another level of asshole right there :grinning:


Karma will catch up to you.

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you have bigger problems then captions. if this is reported as copyright violations…kiss your account bye-bye.


Yeah my account will probably be banned she literally flooded my page with hate.

Big mistake.

and yeah I’m 12 and retarded is that a problem its 2017 bro

Delete all posts, Disable account for a week, change logo and name and steal her content again