Please help: I am trying to get more followers/viewers on my Pokemon Pinterest account

Any tips? I recently started using tailwind for the account.
Is there anything else I should know to improve my profile/posts.
I confirmed my website yesterday, hope it helps.

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This was my experience…

It took a couple of weeks to get a couple 1000 followers and views. From there, it starts going up faster.

All I did, was post with Tailwind, changing it up from 20-30 times a day. I found similar boards to what I was doing and made a board on my account, and then pinned some of their content and others. You CAN’t CAN’t CAN’t just post your own stuff, you have to post others.

Every couple of days, I would do some manual stuff. I would go look for people to follow, follow them, repin some of their stuff to my board, and leave comments on some of their pins.

Pokemon may be a tough road on Pinterest, as the demographic is generally women, cooking, food, home stuff, etc.

Hope this helps !


Thanks I know it can be difficult, Pokemon was one of the recommended niches to follow. It can’t be too difficult. Plus girls love pokemon too, they’re cute. lol
I have been repinning a lot of other people’s content but I an trying to post a bit more of my own content to balance it out. How often would you post on pinterest including pins and repins so I can have a sort of guide line to follow.

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Best of luck. You may find starting boards in areas that are similar to Pokemon may help. My niche is fitness, and I get a lot of traffic from healthy eating. Just a thought.

I don’t pin much of my own stuff. For me, Pinterest is a side hobby, that eventually I will start putting my own blog posts out there for my offers. Just haven’t got around to it.

I will say that Pinterest is pretty forgiving. You can pin 100 times a day if you want. I have pinned between 15-45 a day (repins really, because it is all other people’s content). I would expect a 90/10 ratio would probably be okay. 90% other’s stuff, 10% your own. It really is a simple formula, because if you want to pin more of your own stuff, then go out and pin more of other’s stuff (and there is plenty).

My other nugget, is use #'s on some f your pins, and just keyword rich descriptions no #'s on others.

Keep in mind, Pinterest takes about 48 hours for analytics to catch up.

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Jeez really? Not bad man! Any quick tips/specific threads to learn the skills?

Thank you :slight_smile:
I post pokemon, Nintendo, and anime related stuff if that helps broadens my reach.
I have a blog and i heard Pinterest is a great media site to make content for. I also use Instagram too. I will keep your advice in my head and to keep repins as one of my primary content.

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I posted it above. Nothing special. Just remember that follower on Pinterest are not the same as Instagram followers. Apples and oranges.

I have seen a good amount of anime on Pinterest. I will keep an eye out and if I find anything, I will leave it in this post and tag you!

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@_MATT Hey I have a quick question what does this number mean? I am still getting used to tailwind lol

It just means that there are 3 interactions with your pins inside of the tribes you are a member of.