Please help to identify the reason of PV


  • 5 niche accounts in different niches
  • Age - at least 3 years (each of them)
  • Number of followers - 10K+
  • Engagement - 5%+
  • Each accounts has unique bio + profile pic (no link in bio)
  • I run each account with its own mobile proxy
  • Each account follow 500 users per day + 250 likes + block around 10-15 users + public 1 pic every 1-2 days
  • I do not use spintax for posting. I use original post caption and edit it manually before posting
  • Never bought any fake followers and etc

The issue:

  • Each of these accounts every 2-3 days get PV request.This has been going on for about two months and i cant fix it


  • I ran these accounts with common IPv4 proxy and all was okay, but it was impossible to ran like tool. Then i decided to move accounts to the mobile proxy, improved follow filters a bit and problems started…

100% the reason is not a proxy. Cuz its my own proxy. I run 1 account per 1 proxy. Subnetwork is clear (i guess), cuz its placed only 5 proxy in specific location. Additionally i even tried to run my client’s accounts with these proxy. For 2 weeks got no problems.

I thought maybe the reason of issues is: account mentions users in post description (original photo owners)
The idea is: my account is small, it posts pics of other users and mention them. Users reports my account and it gets PV. So, i stopped mentioned them, but nothing changed.

At this moment im done. If u guys have some ideas what to do - pls let me know

Many thanks !


How was the account created?

I am pretty sure it has to do with the content you’re posting. Turn posting off for a few days and see if it gets PV


You need to re-warm the accounts to remove the Instagram flag (poor trust score)!

I do not know how, cuz i bought these account many years ago and i suppose its not important how these accs were created, cuz i ran it successfully for 6 month

Thanks, i will try to stop posting campaign. But im afraid if it helps - what to do next ?
I do not mentions people, so they do not know i “steal” theirs pics and i use 500 random sources for the pics and i change/clean meta data before posting

Ok, i will try to stop all actions for 5 days and then star to follow 50-70 users per day and increase daily for 20.
Lets see how it work

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Try also to stop the block tool for a couple of days, I had this issue a week ago with a couple of accounts that were blocking followers. :wink:

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I will stop if for the next 5 days


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you dont need the 5 day rest - just follow as youve suggest for 2 days, then slowly start adding in the other tools day apart!


I just want to run it as safe as possible, cuz very very tired with PV



Did it work? I am also getting many pv’s every 2-3 days, for some reason, almost at the same time on all accs… I suppose Instagram recognized a pattern… Would you say the accounts are gone now that all of them got linked together or can I still save them somehow?

AS u can see its gone 7 months still my last reply.
So now im using mobile proxies and in general all work well. Recently there was PV wave, and we got some related feedbacks from DC proxy users and some from mobile as well. But in a case with mobile everything went quite calmly and in one day only.

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What changed from the original setup?
OP says:

Latest post says:

Which day did it happen for you? Some of us are still looping.

Ahah :wink:
Tbh i have not checked the whole thread when replied 5 mins ago. Cuz it was created in September 2018. Was sure that time i was using common DC proxy. My mistake.

But anyway something, of course, must be changed. Now my warming process is absolutely different. Earlier I started to follow on day 1 or day 2. Now i warm accounts for at least a week. I’ve stopped to follow private users. I’ve tested million times - once i follow them i got tons of PV request. And also I’ve quite mentioning photo owners.

So, in general, a few minor changes, but in complex much better result.


The day before yesterday. Some accs got PV request. I’ve verified them, then all tools were delayed for 12 hours (according to the software setup) And now seems all to be okay

Hmm… I have some accounts with 10+ PV’s since 2 weeks ago. Actions off from 3-7 days. I know someone who has been off jarvee for 2weeks+ still getting PV every day…

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yup, same for me, every 2-3 days on almost all accounts…

Ok @Verona thank you for your answer, I am going to try that, do a longer warm up with natural actions (like feed & follow suggested). Also very good to know, are you sure about the following private users part? I will definetly test that for myself aswell! Thank you for letting us know! Was your testing very obvious regarding private vs non private?

1 000 000% im sure. Or im unlucky :wink:
Every single time when i started to follow private users by any kind of my accounts - i got increasing of engagement and a lot of PVs


Ok awesome thank you so much for letting us know this! Pretty sad tho, as private accounts are perfect targets for m/c :confused:
Will definetly test it!