Please wait a few minutes before you try again / Unable to refresh the feed

Well, everything started 3 days ago with this error: “Unable to refresh the feed”… My profile was completly blocked, couldnt do anything, seeing stories, editing anything on my profile etc. I reseached a bit on the internet then trying to log of out my account, but since i didnt remember my password i did the procedure to reset it… well, once the sms arrived i clicked the link but nothing was happening, even from instagram web (desktop computer). At this point i had no idea of what to do, so i tried a little few more times. Still nothing happening and the second error came out “Please wait a few minutes before you try again”. Yeah… i waited, used vpn, deleted cookies etc, but nothing happened, it still saying that, every days. My account still alive, i can see it with other accounts but i cannot access it anymore. Im permanently banned? I never posted anything, commented, or used bots (ive around 20 followers lol) I dont really know what to do now… how can i get my account back? (Instagram support doesnt exists)

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Just to check, you got this error on the IG app, and are you not using any automation?

If yes, you can go back to the login page, then click on ‘Get help with logging in’ or ‘get help signing in’, then enter the username/email/phone number for your account and click on ‘Next’, and it should ask you if you would like to be sent an email or and SMS which will contain a link for you to log back in…

Also, is that account connected to an FB account? If so, they may also include that on the options to log back in.

You may also check this out if you are interested Instagram / FB Verification Service + PR Service (Also includes Pre-verified Instagram accounts for sale which can be re-branded for personal or business use)

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You can manually send the request to recover your accounts. You can try submitting a lot of appeal to restore account for a couple of days

Im getting this error from any platform, computer website and mobile app, with everything cleaned (cookies, caches etc). Im not using any automation no. The errors came after i tryed for like 10 times to send the sms in a shot time, the problem is that days passed and still not able to recover the account… Yes, i tried with FB login but nothing seems to happen, i press “Access” but nothing happens, still blocked at login screen. The account isnt blocked, number still connected and ive 2fa enabled…

Where is can send that?

If your account is just locked out and not disabled, maybe @ossi can help you in submitting an appeal.

Try submitting from this form Instagram Help Center

the problem is that my account isnt disabled… im just blocked out…