(Pls read) instagram account got disabled 3 times in a month ( today is the 3rd time) can I still get it back?

Ugh so … the first time happens when I was using instagram , a message popped up telling me that I have to confirm my account and wait 24 hours to request a help in the help centre. Ok so I waited and then appealed after 1 day which felt like 10 years :pensive:. Eventually I got it back the next day. The second time happens 2 weeks later ok I did the same thing and got it back to. Not long after which is a day later ( this morning ) my account got disabled too!! Seriously, what in the world have I done? Anyways, if you’ve read this post please give me some views on it and how do I get back my account without this happening g again cuz this is so infuriating… ( please don’t mind my bad English too , its not my first language so :pensive:)
Here is the proof of my account being under review.

Pls help me guys… I can’t lose this account

Do you use VPN? what activities did you do on the account after it was reactivated by IG? something must have triggered IG to put your account under 24 hours review.

All I did was to comment positive stuffs and nothing else which leads to the ban and they just banned me .

try to change the account IP, if you can get a 4G proxy to assign and use for your account it would be great, and make sure to give the account some rest, no comment no actions, nothing jsut few days rest.

I’m sorry but how do I change the ip address?

I see, is your account a repost page or do you post original contents? do you use a third party automation service/software to manage your account?

using proxies or VPN you will be able to change the IP easily, have you ever tried Jarvee to manage your account.

Its a celebrity fanpage account. I post pictures of her

If it’s not an official account at some point when you are too big you might get reports from third-partys trademarks that will cause your accounts shutdown.

There’s a service to recover you account on Instagram on this forum in the marketplace

Whats the service ? Can I have the link pls.

I’m not sure that it’s allowed to post a link so just search for “recap dont give up your banned instagram accounts we can save them”

Note: this is not my service and I’ve never used it before but it looks promising

Here’s the link, you can check that out:

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Well. If you are actually just using your Phone, there are VPN Services. If you are using the Browser on your PC there are Firefox extensions like Foxproxy or whatever its called.
But it would be good for you to use a mobile Proxy.

This seems highly unlikely or its a half truth.
Maybe you did but you spammed “positive stuff” on every post you came across. Which looks like a bot.