๐Ÿš‘ Recap - Don't give up your banned Instagram accounts! We can save them!

Thanks for the update! if you wants 2 Accounts to test the Data Download method just tell me :slight_smile:

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Iโ€™m here to tell you that I have got 2 accounts back from 3 with your service + my friend got his 1 account back with your service, working guys!
just a matter of time and IG mood as I see that :slight_smile:


Thatโ€™s great to hear :slight_smile: after how many days/weeks approximately you got them back? Thanks :slight_smile:


Here is one of them - https://www.screencast.com/t/zoAlrlgT
17 days :slight_smile:
need to be patient and play the game


Glad that our team was able to help Dr. Jarvee :partying_face:

Thanks for the review!


6 months ago i had a 30k account that I accidentally clicked the remove email button at the bottom of one of its verification emails. It wonโ€™t let me log in because it asks for a phone number and i dont have that phone number anymore. Is there anything that can be done? i contacted instagram a couple times ages ago and didnt get a reply.

I also have another account that is asking to confirm i own account but asking for a phone verification from a number i dont have anymore. Anything i can do?

Not having access to either verification method (currently linked email or at least the OG phone number) is almost always a death sentence for the account. Even if you could clear the PV this time, the next time IG might still choose to prompt you to verify using the old options instead of what you added later.

I donโ€™t think there is much to be done if you donโ€™t have the phone number attached to an account when phone verification is required.

09.11.2020 Update:

While Instagramโ€™s responses did not get faster, the results did. Quite a few of our customers get unbans without actually receiving a response to their email. We will keep a close eye on how this develops and as always act in your best interest.

We hope that the situation will improve once the elections finally leave the news cycles. But getting results before getting a response is a partial improvement. One that we welcome.

If there are any questions post here or visit the live chat. Our staff will gladly assist you!

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Are you saying, someone sent in an appeal (with code) but then no response, yet the account is no longer disabled?

Correct :slight_smile:

Got a few running - hoping for the best

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Used to love this service! But right now (probably because of the election my Reactivation Center looks like this) I am 45 days in.
Sorry the Screenshot cut off. Its [Days running | Appeals submitted | Charges]

Hello is possible to recover accounts banned 1y-2y ago? @HenryCooper

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No you dont, been trying to save 10 of my accounts for a mo, no succes, I sent 1 time documents and I got them back.
Looks like you dont do shit actually and wasting money

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Yes. The longer they are banned the easier they are to recover.

If you appeal to yourself or use our service, the outcome will be the same. Assuming you do the appeals in the correct way and donโ€™t get your account appeal-locked. So if those accounts are worth something, donโ€™t give up!

We use the same appeal techniques as instructed in our blog post. One month during election chaos does not seem like an adequate time to make any assumptions. Recently it took up to four weeks to get a verdict from Instagram, now it is down to almost two weeks OR they do not respond but reject and reactivate without responding in some cases. Which documents did you supply? We โ€œonlyโ€ use public accessible forms, so you do not need to provide us your or your clientโ€™s confidential information!

If you do some deeper research on MPSocial you will see that it took some people up to 8 months to unban their own accounts, sending their own selfies and using their own emails. If you want me to take a look at your case, please PM me your username on our platform.


Update 17.11.2020

Even tho the election is still causing chaos, response times from Instagram already improved. Overall improvement in the response time, but it did not reach pre-election times sadly.

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Wanted to provide some feedback on my experience so far. I have to admit that I have grown very skeptical of the service lately because I first signed up almost 50 days ago with 30 accounts running and zero success. However, I was happy to see that yesterday 4 accounts were successfully recovered. Hopefully, more will get recovered soon.


Do you offer a similar service for twitter?

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