[POLL] Bitcoin - Bubble or Fortune?

Not only BTC but Cryptocurrency in general. Do you think it’s a bubble or that it will shift the world in a new direction and reinvent the current currency system?

Vote and give your opinion on it!

IMO: Biggest Pump and Dump scheme ever created.

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Yes I agree to that

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It will eventually collapse the second there is a big scare. But in the meantime, im getting in while shits cheap looool Ive made a decent amount already.


No doubt about it, you can still make a lot of money from it and you should as long as you have the chance to!

But if you look at things like:

1000 people own 40% of Bitcoin
No one knows Satoshi Nakamoto
The value of Bitcoin is still tied to goverment approved currencies
Futures introduced lately

With the option to buy futures for BTC, there’s also the option to short them. To ‘short’ something is to bet that it’s value is going to sink. The opposite of buying stock basically, the same thing the real Jordan Belfort did with penny stocks.

We are now in the phase of pumping up value of BTC, when it reaches a reasonable amount those 1000 people could decide to ditch out and you know what happens when the course starts falling drastically?

A lot of people will jump on the train of getting rid of their coins which will drive the value down even more…

Since BTC is bought by everyone, and most of the buyers have no knowledge of the stock market or haven’t done anything like it before they all are going to ride the ‘Sell ASAP’ train.

Those 1000 people will short a lot of BTC futures before the dump, and since the trust in crypto is so big they will find a lot of brokers that are willing to accept the short!

Make money on the uprise, cause the downfall and make money on that too!

Just writing it down here so I can say I was right when it’s happened :smiley:


Bitcoin and all cryptocurrency is in a “bubble” right now. The prices are bloated by everyone trying to jump onto the bandwagon

NOW that being said, bubbes can take a long time to burst, maybe even years so i do somewhat recommend making short term buy and sells but thats just me ride the wave until youve made some good amount and GTFO with your head held up high


not rly. id recommend buy it when its down. btc is high now because of investments but the real purpouse of btc is replacing the middle man that are banks and get ppl to use it as a currency, that is when btc going to raise like mofo, when ppl start using it more like currency and not investment type


There are enough people like me who will buy BTC when it’s cheap :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: it’s popular and it will be much more popular.

BTC will reach 1M+ for sure. When it was $100 people didn’t invest because it was too late. Also when it reached 1.000$. 1 year later $17.000. It’s never too late.

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1 BTC December 2018 - $150.000+
1 BTC December 2019 - $1.000.000+

Contact me 2 years later😜


BTC came out when I was trappin in HS lol. Me and my buds had 1000+ to use on the OG Silk Road to get boats of green monsters :slight_smile: somehow I was blessed to keep a decent chunk but we all thought it would just go out of style at the time.

There are so many external factors macro & micro that affect BTC at its current standing but I think the biggest factor that could lead to a decent selloff is the fact that people want to be in at the “ground/founder level”. There is an inverse relation: as price increases, the perception of any “ground/founder level value” decreases. I see the entire crypto market as a mirror of the OTC markets with a lot better free press.


Just bought 103 ripple coins.getting in at “Founder level” lol its at 70 cents and is looking super promising imo!!! btw @luckybruzer check ur pms in case you missed my reply from a few days ago :wink:


Like never ? Crypto-Currencies look great on paper , but would anyone take a loan bound to the Bitcoin value ? No . Loans drive the world . From one day to another a family would not be able to pay their loan if Bitcoins would gain another “random” spike .

Sneaky Edit: Many successful traders I know (30k+ monthly profits) trade within 3-9 hour time frames and get rid of all their positions before they go to sleep . Since I am not into Bitcoin trading myself I wont put a big judgement on that , but for an outsider it does not give the impression of anything stable :smiley:

(everything above is a noobie bitcoin opinion , please educate where see fit)


Exactly. I worked as a broker at a IB for commodities. Before I left (recently) there were ZERO funds that had any interest in products similar to BTC besides HFQ blackbox traders, but these guys are trading “real” products that you could actually receive physical delivery not just phantom credits.


Everyone is being manipulated by this. This is worse than Wall Street manipulation. A bank would say it’s not something people should get into, but when the price drops, the bank gets more. And when they have more than enough to profit from this, they sell… And for the last time, they will drop this like a bomb… some people will profit hugely… but mostly, mostly, their investment vanishes into thin air.

A successful currency should be seen accepted almost everywhere, physical or digital. It’s very apparent that they market this (articles, ads, videos) for people to invest. But I have not seen any thing that said “I bought a house using bitcoins”, “I paid my medical bills using bitcoins”, “I have paid my student loan using bitcoin”. 99% of the time, you’ll see articles saying “someone lost his bitcoins when he invested 5 years ago and now that’s worth millions”. This is totally a mind manipulation making people to feel the loss of the other, and the benefit he could have if he did not lose it. And that makes the readers think “what if”… what if they are the ones with bitcoins… and now they start to think to invest. And mostly, would.

Lastly, I have seen a feature about a teen being a millionaire because of this. They way it was presented was:

  1. How he started.
  2. How much he earned is a short time.
  3. How arrogant he looked.
    This showed: Success
    People are crazy about being successful in a short time. Like lottery.
    The last thing they showed, the interviewer buying bitcoins worth $100. This was really clever as $100 seem to be a very small investment right? But if this video reach millions, multiply an average $100 investment to a million viewers.
    It’s also great to take note that the interviewer did:
  4. Call his mom for an advice. (very convincing)
  5. Showed the website where to buy.

So yes. Too much buzz for me. I have never seen people before marketing and “advertising”: I BOUGHT $22,000 worth of stocks at a company before and I am a millionaire now after 10 years. Or I started $100, and now it’s worth $100,000. after 10 years. But you can easily see money being advertised everywhere:
“trade and copy the expert” just download the app and start with $200. Most of people doing this, they lost their $200 in a split second. :slight_smile:

I hope I am wrong since my friends invested millions in this. But let’s wait 2 years.


Ok heres an idea
:raised_hands::moneybag::high_brightness: MP Coin :high_brightness::moneybag::raised_hands:

We all collaborate on the development of content and distribution and shares are earned on based on the amount of reach you generate. A coordinated strike to introduce as much hysteria as possible over fear of missing out that this is THE NEXT NEW BEST THING EVER EVER.


If he invested millions, he should’ve taken the money out a long time ago! :smiley:

The big difference between the stock market and bitcoin is that most people without knowledge stay away from the stock market. But BTC is being advertised as the financial remedy for everyone…


HAHAHA! Up for this :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Babs This is how I imagine you these days.


I just read an article in a belgian Paper that 112 People own 20% of all Bitcoins out there. If that’s true, they have absolute control over it.

Say they would sell all that Bitcoin at once, the coin’s price would plummet.

Found a link to English article here:

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And they could pick it back up cheaper and keep doing that.


Fact, but in the meantime a LOT of people will run and take gigantic losses.

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I agree with what Sascha said. Short time swing trades are waaaay safer than holding.