[POLL] Bitcoin - Bubble or Fortune?


I don’t know much about it. And I don’t care to learn much about it.

All I know is that it’s trending and it’s about to trend even more now that Tai Lopez is coming out with courses for it (we all know how much he exploded SMM). Even Gary V is starting to talk about it.

All that means for me is that I’ll ride the trend, get to the point where i’m only trading with profit ASAP, and hopefully make some nice cash to invest in something a lot more solid.


im not saying it will completely replace money but as for now btc is hard to trade therefore they invented some new crypto like etherium that is easier to transfer and after listening to some podcasts and wise people in general i believe it’s just in its early stage now. Again imho it is not going to be money replacement by any means.

P.s this whole btc thing is a little bit stupid though … everyone is an expert nowadays so there’s no true information. No one even knows who created it.


Money is no longer tied to anything. It is all ones and zeros. The United States has not had money tied to anything since WWII


This is how I spend most my time tbh


do you also know that only 5% of money belongs to working class ? There is huge monopoly in the world so what ?


Just found this ;D Now even the Wolf warns you, he also states some things that I mentioned!


The wolf will sell you one thing while he is telling you another. Same thing with anyone from Wall Street. Even litecoin was added. People have been saying that bitcoin is a bubble since 2009. 8 years later BTC grows by $200 while you :poop:.
Will it burst? Sure. Will it come back even higher than before? Absolutely.

That’s how anything of value works. Raise three price. Devalue it. Buy low, sell high.

Penny stocks are a great way to test these waters. Even fifty cent dabbled in that market and won. With only a few tweets I might add. Same with Trump. It is true that selling your position daily even if it costs you more to get back in is a good thing. You make your gainz bro and dump it. If it hits rock bottom overnight your a$$ets are protected. Wake up. See the rise and purchase again.

People lost TRILLIONS when they panicked during the recession here. Traders lost a ton of free cocaine, but real people lost savings, homes and retirement funds because traders panicked. Had they held onto their positions, many would be more well off today.


I would listen to what the winklevoss twins say on BTC its

Gold 2.0

And they have set up an exchange called gemini where all these traders can put there money where there mouth is and short BTC if they think its a bubble


Waiting for Zuck to come in and steal their idea again like…


Yeah i think that the reason why Bitcoin is rising so much is all hype


Music doesn’t stop till fat lady sings

Now that crypto currencies had gone mainstream governments are going to step in and start regulating them. Governments are afraid of cryptos because they are a perfect tax evasion tool. It all depends on what US, EU and China regulators will decide. If legislation turns nasty, value of BC can melt back to where it started from, which is $0.

  • So far China closed all crypto exchanges, meaning, you can have as many BCs as you like, you can’t pay locally for daily essentials. Big investors can’t care less because they can go abroad and do exchange, but small BC owners are big losers.
  • Russia is looking to outlaw crypto mining, because gov. considers it ponzy scheme, but not the ownership. Russian gov. is worried about tax evasion.
  • EU introduced law requiring full transaction transparency. EU is working on more new legislation.
  • In Britain you have to send a gov. ID & selfie to a BC dealer, before he’ll work with you. So all your transactions can be traced back to your face.

Until a legislation cycle of major governments doesn’t settle down, cryptos are idiotic choice for long term investment.

But, if you are good at day trading, that’s completely different story, you are closing daily, and you can go both long and short, ride news etc. Or if you can get free electricity, like in South Africa, mining is a big option.

Ask yourself, of what use is BC going to be to you if you can’t exchange it into local currency?


Anyone who thinks it’s a bubble is just jealous that he did not buy on time. It’s that simple.

Any positive/negative news make it only stronger.


I was gunna buy tron yesterday… fuck my gut.


It’s an obvious bubble. Just like when I used to trade penny stocks. It’s your classic pump & dump. Greed is stronger than common sense in many cases.

Don’t believe me…check Wolf of Wall Street’s video on bitcoin. I think he’d know.


Do you guys even bother doing any real research on the cryptocurrencies? Or are you too lazy and just listen to what others have to say, especially the so called “experts”. If you did the research, you’d know cryptos are the future. There is evolutionary technology behind the cryptos and that’s where the value is. Most people are too lazy to do the research and just think cryptos have no value and is made up out of thin are.


Couldn’t it be both though?


Jim Kramer, Jordan Belfort and Mark Cuban have no idea what they’re talking about.



What you say about Russia makes no sense. From what I’ve heard they want to build gigantic BTC Mining Farms in Siberia because electricity there is cheap and the climate is perfect.


Ladies and Gentleman, exactly as I predicted in previous post, Bitcoin is not an investment until governments decided on legislation.

“Music doesn’t stop till fat lady sings”


lol its not really a prediction by saying that something going up will eventually come down…