[POLL] Bitcoin - Bubble or Fortune?


What an idiot. Your must be full of yourself to be making a post to say your right. I’m still up big trading and investing in cryptos. Come back and tell me your right when the crypto market goes to 0. Otherwise crypto is here to stay. Like the stock market never took a tumble. Lol for you to actually pat yourself on the back for saying something like this really show your personality. Full of himself :nauseated_face:


I was right once, so its very easy for me to be right twice.

Now bitcoin market patterns are going to drastically change, as liquidity disappears because traders will be more cautios, and you will loose all the money you made so far, because you will not know how to adopt to the change.


No need to insult people just because you disagree with their opinion.

Adding to your earlier points: Do you have any links or data that can help back up what you’re saying? Because right now, it kinda just seems like you’re arguing for the sake of arguing.


Everyone who got into cryptocurrencies before January is probably still up in USD value, lol.

People are sad that they are missing out so they try to find justifications with their dooms-day mindset.

The crypto market cap is now down to what it was on 30th december. Oh god! All liquidity is gone!! :smiley:


Sigh. Just bet on the blockchain and stop worrying everytime something inevitable like governmwnt crackdown or price corrections happen. The blockchain is here to stay and the technology will be worth trillions, possibly hundreds. Most people are going to HODL onto complete shit tho. Spens time understanding the underlying tech or don’t invest like a lemming


I bought 3 at $700 a piece was hoping for it to rise to 10k on December 20th 2016, the wait sure was worth it :slight_smile:


This makes me happy :grin: Actually I hope it will drop more :wink:


Does anyone here really think that ANY government would allow for a decentralized form of currency to be a major player in the system? It seems to me that bloodshed would occur before decentralized currency because with decentralized currencies comes actual repercussions for the MAJOR debt many countries like the US are in. They can’t just print new bills and give forgiveness anymore.


What will happen is that cryptocurrencies will be banned because of terrorists.


Sold all my cryptos and went into usd cash. Tether usdt is a scam and will crush the market when exposed. I will be waiting with my cash to pick up the pieces. Until Tether is willing to get audited to prove they have the money in the bank, I won’t believe it! Be safe guys and good luck!


Mixing “blockchain technology” and “crypto coins” shows a heavy misunderstanding about the underlying fundamentals . Also title is really misleading . Even in a bubble you can make a fortune . Which is what is happening now . The question is … are you outside or inside the bubble when it bursts :smiley:


Personally I am buying as much “HOOAHCOIN” and “GarlicCoin” as I can!


I made some good money, hope you all did as well. But with all this uncertainty, I would like to protect my winnings and wait for a better spot to get back in. I’m a big believer in blockchain tech. I believe it will change the world, but tether is a big short term risk that I am not willing to take at this time. Depending on market flow and other factors, might get back in the market when this clears up.


“Blockchain tech” and “tether” in one argument . You are in the biggest risk group :stuck_out_tongue:


Henry Cooper is my hero


I’m the guy with the pin bursting it :stuck_out_tongue:

I appreciate you Henry but if everything we said was very very detailed and narrowed down half of the forum couldn’t participate the discussion! :laughing:

Stated in a reply that you can still make money with it


Sorry to revive an old topic and I’m also ashamed that it’s one I created but given the current situation this message made me wet my pants a little while laughing :joy:

No offense @MPRules but I think we were a little far off this last december :stuck_out_tongue: Hope you’re right about this year :smiley:


Facts… Im stocking up big time rn, almost got .5 btc saved up again from buying 4000 usd and under recently, praying for the 19000 again so I can put in some work :muscle:


Everyone that bought ripple before last years bull run still doubled their money!


A lot of “coins” will not be around in a few years. Bitcoin will be, same as dogecoin although doge is going nowhere.

BTC will go back up. This is a bottom and if I had the cash I would invest it all.