[POLL] How many users can your accounts follow per month MANUALLY?

  • Under 6000
  • Over 6000

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(I’m talking about the majority/average of accounts)

this is manually not automation question?

Well IG has a following cap of 7k

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All the people that voted - you’re telling me you manually followed 6,000 counting them out over the course of a month?


The responses of the poll is actually quite mixed. Seems like some people can exceed the “unbreakable” 6k/30 days limit when following manually?

During a few days, i had blocks everyday after less and less follows, when i was doing 200 manually / day.

I was blocked less than 24 hours, and couldn’t follow more than 170-190 the day after. As if i had reach the limit and getting unblocked every day at a different number of follows (sometimes 170 follows, sometimes 130, sometimes 200/day…)

I have no idea I never did but I think below 6000

Maybe starting and ending of day you are using is slightly different than IG’s system? Like time zone differences so what you are counting as 200, IG is counting slightly differently depending on what time of the day you do the manual following?

I know a person who follows 260k people each month manually and he counts that.

Working 8h per day 30 days a month you can follow 1 641 000 people without having blocks (following in smaller batches)

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@PierreDOlain Does he ever leaves his basement or? That’s insane


I don’t know how long does it take him but it shouldn’t take longer than 90 minutes a day if organised well

I just counted how many I did follow manually for fun and for tests every month in 2018, it was 87k a month and I didn’t feel it at all, 20-25 mins a day and fun fact: I made on average 360$ net profit from those follows/ month


You said it all : 2018

I don’t really believe these numbers, unless it’s from a special account (verified maybe or IG trusted staff accounts or whatever).

We’re talking about our accounts / slaves / clients, we all know we’re gonna get blocked before 1000 clicks :woozy_face:

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we are doing 300 f/u daily for one account manually its going great , we are also doing 400 likes and 200 f/u with one client and she also havent got any block so far , i think it depend on account trust score , but we normaly do 200 follow, 200 unfollow, 200 likes, 80 comments, and 50 dm per account which is 100% safe


Also we once tested and did around 9000 follows per month , couple weeks ago and my friend tested 11k follows per month

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It’s still possible today, following speed isn’t affected by all those recent changes, you have to divide between more accounts. It takes 20 seconds to follow 38 people on one account, you can follow 114 accounts per minute on three accounts, what gives you 6840 follows per hour, what gives you 54720 accounts in 8 hours. It’s all possible today

we are not doing all these actions ourselves i think many people have Virtual assistants who are doing these actions for them , like we are handling hundred of accounts manually

You’re talking about getting “tons of accounts”. Well, if you have 10 000 accounts for sure you can follow 100 000 a day easily,

But i’m waiting for a proof, to be able to follow more than 200 or 300 accounts in less than 1 hour with only 1 account :pray:

In the long run it’s impossible, you’ll get the AC. I think most AC’s are given for the total number of follows via that proxy, for example:
I have 5 accounts on a phone, and one account gets AC and followblock without specific date all the other accounts (even after going to airplane mode) will also get follow block/ action restricted even if they didn’t follow any account this or previous day.

damn 87k and only $360 in earnings? youre def not maximizing your traffic to full potential you should be sitting at over 1k profit from that

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I was doing that for tests, not expected any profit from that and I followed completely random people, probably many fake accounts included. From statistics average FBR was 1:8 and from that 1:9 visited a website, I’m really surprised anyone purchased something there.

@dilly 360$ net profit after taxes, VAT, handling etc. is pretty good considering it wasn’t targeted

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