[POLL] Will Snapchat ever become a viable platform for digital marketing, SMM, or CPA?

  • Yes
  • No

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it already is and it was years back. You wont believe how much people were making out of cpa in snapchat


My view is that Snapchat will evolve into a short program platform. 90 sec-5 min videos that will eventually be open to the public to produce. Trying to take the market for what Instagram video is not, and shorter video than what Facebook and Youtube allow for. Take that how you will and then try to predict how the market can be affected through this type of production.


People are already making hundred of $$ (per week) off snapchat.


What’s the strategy? No MP of course :wink:


I have noticed many people selling shouts on Snapchat and promoting their brands.

But I don’t find Snapchat too be really very good source of promotion if you are seeing IG as a potential competition to it.

  1. I believe IG is somewhat having similar features now.
  2. IG is more persistent and better.
  3. Snapchat’s UI is totally different from what you fee on Facebook, IG or WhatsApp.

But then there is one really good thing about snapchat is that the users of snapchat are consistent.


Not sure. I think Snapchat is more likely to die than to come back as a marketing tool.


I believe same people can do $$$ with IG.


100% sure it already is, mostly Adult CPA from my experience that is.

The only big issue is driving good adult traffic towards it and I personally don’t like doing manual story uploads daily…