Posting issue with JV (Content is posting but Caption is empty)

Hi Awesome Community,

Thanks for all the knowledge sharing in this forum. I realy love it and you help me a lot to understand IG and the algorithm better.

But I have a issue with the Posting Tool form JV.
We are just using Picture and Video les then 50MB and if its a Video is MP4 and Photo JPG or PNG.
The content works nice and the post works also.

But the Caption is to 80% empty after the post. So I know its important to change on all post the # and also the text in the caption. So I tried all. Text with # without # with a long text with a short text. With an unique never used text before. All that didn’t work. Also after resetting ID and Religion with 2 why authentication. But that was not helping.

So in the end I got the information that maybe the proxy have an issue. We are testing now self made LTE 4G 1:1 Mobile Austrian and German proxies. And we are working to reach the 200 Follow / Day. All other tools works realy nice with the self made proxies. Just the Caption is a problem. If someone know why this could be happen please help me to improve the proxies and I hope we can fix this issue. We are still in a beta version.

Thanks a lot.

PS: i set up in JV that if the post is posted without caption he will deleat the post and try it again with the EB. But it looks like that JV its not trying to post the Content again via EB. Have someone experience with this Checkmark?

Sorry for my bad Englisch.


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same with my problem.


Hello I had the same problem, this is the official answer of jarvee.

The solution now for me is to post manually from my phone and I can say that my reach is much better.

I hope it helps my friend

Thank you for contacting us.

Instagram might delete the caption or hashtags if:

  • You are using the same caption or a part of it over and over again.

  • If your caption has some spam words as Free … etc

  • If you are using the same hashtags over and over again.

  • If it doesn’t like the proxy you are using.

  • If you are tagging the same user or tagging users in all your posts.

You will need to review all these points and make the necessary changes then check the following option:

Click on Campaigns --> Overview --> Advanced settings --> Instagram and check the following boxes (screenshot below) and try again:

If the problem persists please reset the device ID of the account.

Please click Actions == Edit next to that account from Social Profiles tab and scroll down a bit and check the box to show advanced settings and scroll down and reset the device id and try again.


Thank you @samsam09 I got the same answer.

And i tryed all of this list. Reset ID try the post with # no # new text short text long text always the same issue.

We will reset at night the IP of the mobile proxy and see if there is a change. Maybe the Proxy and his IP is in a Blacklist or flagged by Instagram.

I hope this works. Hase some one experience with changing IP of the proxies? is that good or not so good if all works fine just posting with caption not.

Ahhh and this checkmark its just for picture not for Album or Video Post. And we have a lot of Videos. :-/

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I faced the same issue … in May.
I was using JV on a football main account.
First the caption disappeared when posting. Then pictures stopped to be posted. Only videos continued to appear but without the caption. Then crazy phone verification loops started then page suspended. I changed proxies several times, nothing helped.
Now I am handling the page manually and everything works perfectly. If I start again to use JV, it will be on child accounts.
To me IG is adding a lot of random stuffs to assess if the user is a human being.
i.e. manual unfollow is randomly asking for a second confirmation when JV will skip to next one.
If a human user faces an issue when posting, what would he do? change proxy or ask IG wtf is happening ( I’m not telling you to do it lol)
Hope this helps

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im posting using my phohe android. but the caption always dissapear

but the issue appeared using JV right?

Yea I also text to Instagram but friendly, because I was thinking the same like you. A normal user will say hay what’s happen why I cant. But I think this message are not read.
So im not sure if it helps or not.

Everything else works nice. Also after some blocks and also compromised account.

But maybe its my mistake because we forgot one post and had to deleat some content and re add it 7 Days later. :frowning:

@Rikko75 Now you runs again on JV and works all? Yea im using JV to post. And I dont have any more the Account on any real device. Just on JV.

@mandc what with your phone you have the same issue?

yes same issue. caption dissapear.

No I have stopped to pay/use Jarvee since June because it seems they don’t know yet how to ensure our accounts are 100% safe using their tool.
I manage my main accounts manually.
But I think I will try soon to create child accounts to push it with JV again.
Anyway, using JV on a main account is no longer something recommended.

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@Rikko75 thanks for your advice. I still working on to make a so humanic as possible. And for me it still working. I just try out some funny stuff. So the accounts are not so old. But we will see what happen in some days. :slight_smile:

im still posting,but the caption is dissapear everytime

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for me reseting device id solves the problem on 90% of the times.

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@mdtanos i also did the same experience but I can’t reset every 10 days the id. I think this is a high risk action. How many times do have to reset the device id?

3 or 4 times for the past 3 weeks…

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Wow that’s a lot. I have the experience if I change many times the id and I dont log out from the old id. Than you have active all ids and this makes a compromised account because its not typical to have 10 aktive devices for just 1 account. If someone knows exactly how many active devices you can have for 1 account that can helps a lot to know how many device id resets we can make.

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Reseting Device ID might result a login error loop. I had that problem with one of my accounts and I couldn’t find a solution yet.


For everything having issues posting the caption try not to post for 2,3 weeks.Thats how i resolved my issue for many accounts.


Wow thanks for sharing this. You know maybe how many times this account reset the device id? 10 times 100 times or maybe 1000 times or more?

wow no post for 2,3 weeks. you did in this times normal action like follow unfollow likes and comments? or you did nothing 2,3 weeks. Because I did the experience if you dont post exactly 30 days and still making actions like 50/day makes a compromised account. I think instagram say hey this account makes a lot of action in 30 days and he dont post pictures videos or story so better compromised this account to be safe that this is not a bot. Someone lese have the experience.

And thanks for sharing all the information :slight_smile: