Powerlikes etc after algorithm change

Hey guys,

What is your take about buying Powerlikes, views etc after the latest turmoil? I heard that a few providers are off the market and I was wondering if you tested some sources that are still working properly.

Would you be also so kind to leave names of the services/providers that it’s relatively safe to buy from?


I think Powerlikes are not so good in the long run


Agree with you… I don’t like it if you are going to build a long tearm strategy for your profile.


I wasnt thinking long term, but got a post which I would like to reach more people than usual.

What do you think about one off? Is it still a No?

SMM panels can assure surety to provide such services but they’re not responsible for any risks that you might undergo, as IG has put up efforts to remove such fake actions. You can’t fake it till you make it, when it comes to IG. Grow the accounts organically and use promotions.

with that been said you are free to do what you want



Thanks for all of that. Will probably stay away from those services.

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I would recomment you to stay away of them, right. Nowadays IG 100% knows if you use them so it doesn’t worth it

always used fuegram worked for me but they have really been having issues for the past few weeks, since this whole Instagram stuff

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Hey! I’ve been testing powerlikes and like exchange services for one year now. I have a personal page with 73k followers and 4.5% EG and I’m in the men’s fashion niche.

My experience, when the likes comes from good accounts mix with good relevant hashtags, the the post will definitely reach more people and get more EG. But for my page, the boost likes must come within an hour or else the hashtags wouldn’t work. I’ve tested this on many occasions.

I also tested how many boosted likes I need for the post to ranked on hashtags and get to the explore page - I found out that I only need 200 extra boosted likes within an hour - mix with my own followers like, then the hashtags will work.

Here is my latest posts stats for the last 3 photos. Bear in mind that I have a personal page, and I create my own content and the content is not really viral like other re-post pages. Also, if I don’t use hashtags - my post will average only from 10k - 15k reach, 1.8k - 2k likes and 23-70 saves.

1st photo:

196 saves

55,595k reached
68,400k impressions

2nd post:

193 saves

Reach: 46,983
Impressions: 55,732

3rd post

189 saves

Reach: 62,400k
impressions: 74k


Have they been boosted with Powerlikes?

Working for me and my customers :+1:

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yes - the 3 posts above boosted by powerlikes

Which service did you use?

i use fuelgram - fuelgroups

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Power Likes can still be detected, at the end of the day its still botted likes.

This is tactic for short term but not good strategy for long run.
You must build your own engagement and community so instagram will notice you.
The problem is after powerlikes stopped instagram will see your account as something not hot because drop engagement.

Also wondering if engagement groups are still as helpful as they used to be. I’ve kinda shied away from them lately, but I was thinking about doing them again. Are you all still having success with them?

Not really its just been played out.

every major player I know of DOES NOT use these services. There is a reason why - wasted money and account cancer.

Short term - in a day or two, they help, what ya gonna do when those likes are removed days later?
Stay away from such services. Short term results for long term death of the account.

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He is talking about powerlikes not SMM panel service. SMM panel service follow/likes removed after some time, but not from powerlikes.

Powerlikes means likes from power users(Those who have good amount of followers and account is very genuine). There are many fake powerlikes services who gives you like from almost dead account. But there are genuine one as well which is used by big social media agency, and it’s works fine. It is not public service like fuelgram, it’s private based and very costly.