[PROBLEM - SOLUTION] Temporary blocks

With all the blocks we have encountered these last six weeks, I have also discovered another problem and remedy that is working for me and may help others as well.
This may just be happening to me, but it constantly occurs on my accounts.

If I do not follow for a few days (because I am unfollowing) when I restart following again, I am almost for sure hit with temporary blocks.

It seems as though IG recognizes that I have not followed for a few days and then when I begin following again I am penalized for actions that are out of my “normal activity”.

Example: I follow 145 people in one day
The next two days I unfollowed 165 each day
The fourth day I return to follow 145 people.
On the fourth day I receive the follow action block, seemingly because it is out of my pattern of normal activity.

To rectify this problem, I have been following one day and the next day I will unfollow and then return to following. So, I never miss more than one day of follows.
It seems like a simplistic solution, but this is what is working for me.


Im noticing a similar pattern here I do over 100+ follows for 4 days, then 5th day I start getting temp blocks and dont go over 100 for maybe 3-4 days, then its ok again…
For API that is. On EB only, seems like I can get over 100+ consistantly but will run into login error

Anyone else?

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But isn’t the follow one day, unfollow the next the most common and easiest pattern to regocnise, even by simple tools like socialblade or IGblade?


It just seems for me IG looks at your pattern of following and if I take a break from following for a few days and then resume I begin to receive the temporary blocks again.
If I do some follows at least every other day, I am not receiving the follow blocks.
Everything has just changed over the last few weeks and this is what is working for me right now.
I have a had a huge problem with the follow blocks and so far, this is the remedy I have found

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I am doing 199 follows and 199 unfollows daily without any issues.

You are doing something wrong.


Awesome - congrats!
Are you running F/U at the same time?
I am using 4g mobile with EB
How many follows per action?

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Yes, doing follow 199 + unfollow 199 + likes 300-400.

Using Ipv4

Here you can find my settings:

>> Lvl 2 <<


Please send me the settings. I really need to start folowojng more again. Its became bad for me

Good info - thanks!
Definitely give me inspiration to step up my game and increase my settings.
I had always been leery of running the F/U tools at the same time, but if it is working good for you then I should try it
Unfortunately, I am not at lvl 2 yet - still need another 40 likes!


how old of your accounts?
Unfortunately, I am not at lvl 2 yet too…

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All the accounts are client accounts and they are all over a year old


I dont see any settings there, only your comercial thread.

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That`s correct.

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Nice find! I do think that follow unfollow at the same time is looking for trouble.
It looks dodgy for instagram because youre clearly creating a momentum to get more followers. and no human does 200 follows/undollows at the same time. Much more natural following and Liking. and unfollow next day. Plus also, when you follow a bunch of people at the same time, then theyre all intrigued and when they come onto your page to follow you, they see that you’ve already unfollowed them and it looks clearly thats its a BOT doing all that. Why would they follow you back? Its just annoying for people in the end Dont perform all 3 actions on the same day.
Having loads of intervals set up really does help too and Never do EB. DONT!
This is the most obvious botting thing for IG you can do.
I do all my actions through my phones connection on API, Ive entered my mobile device’s ID’s into Jarvee and its been 7 days with no blocks.


nice share, totally agree v u


Thanks for share


Could you give an example on how the mobile device setting inside Jarvee as I do jog understand at all how to insert them … Moreover my phone is ios

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Jar makes itself look like an android phone, for this reason you can put iOS device id into it. I would look at substituting the default Jar device id with a newer phone such as a Huwaei or something.


All good advice - thank you
So, how many accounts are you running per mobile device?

5 safely. havent tried more per 1

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