Problem to Connect one IG account on Jarvee

Hello guys,
long time since my last post, but i’ve been buzzing here around as always, thanks again in advance for your help.

The problem today is very big for me.
I’ve got to manage one IG account, which comes from a very Luxury Company which means €€€, but, is not possible for me to be just lucky sometimes!!

I went inside Jarvee, set the proxy (I use only from Highproxies, NO ADS, just for be more specific), insert username and password and click on VERIFY ACCOUNT.

When i do verify account, the status become EMAIL CONFIRMATION: then, i tried to log trough Embedded browse.
Its send me to the Instagram Login page and after filling with all the credentials and click on LOG IN ----> It send me back to the homepage of Instagram asking me again to put the credentials, so basically it does not login with embedded browser.

This problem happened to me just with My personal account which is stopped since few months now, and yesterday this problem happened again with the customer i’ve mentioned here up. So I decided to send few mails to the customer support service of Jarvee, and they are telling me to change proxy, try new website, the proxies might be flagelled (which they are not, because the same proxies log me in with other accounts.)
Seems that not even them, know how to help me.

Please!! Somebody has same experience?

Un abbraccio


Well as a first solution I recommend that you stop using proxies from data centres and start using Mobile Proxies. -> Support knows their stuff and I personally experienced this problem as well due to shit ass proxies.
As another solution, let the account rest into Jarvee after the loop with email confirmation starts, for 24-48h then try to do the verify process again ( DO NOT change the account proxy while it’s resting )


I agree with @Bingo. Stop using High Proxies. Especially if it’s a big brand.

Then read this and your problems should be solved.


make your own proxy and for important client use mobile!


Guys, doesn’t work.
Embedded browser doesn’t not go inside.
Tried 3 different provider. I’m thinking that might this account be striked?

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If you feel comfortable, you can send me a DM and I will see if I can get it valid.


i always have errors when i try to verify ig accounts with email from jarvee! Can’t understand why it don’t go through

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IG does this from time to time. It causes everyone to freak out, then eventually it goes away.

You can see that these are pretty common issues for regular people:

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Same problem. Could you solve it somehow?

Try multiple proxy providers, If possible go for one that matches the original geolocation of the account

You could try a mobile proxy which has a location near the original IP of the account that you are trying to log into. If it is an important account, it is recommended to use a mobile proxy. Else, you could look into cheap proxies in the same region but different subnets if it is an account which is not that important.

Thank you, I’ll try it! And we use Instagram on several devices because it is a company IG. Could this have a negative effect on login?

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It will depend on the IPs and number of devices on which those are logged in. If those are logged in from several devices (let’s say 5-7) it could be one the reasons why you are experiencing this issue. However, I’ve never experienced accounts where there were more than 2 users at the same time.

Something that you could try is to ask everyone to log out of the IG account and tell them that only you will log in temporarily. Try using a mobile proxy in the same location of the account for testing to see if you can log in.

I am giving up. I bought a Hungarian proxy, the IG account’s company located there. Nothing happened. Same login failure. I don’t get the code, and the system doesn’t let me in via Jarvee embedded browser.

Instagram is having login issues, I have some clients that can’t even log into their account right now so I would wait a bit


I can’t use automation on my main account since months now.
Stucked in my 22k Followers since a life.