Prompt Can't Login and Account is Gone

Right now I encounter a case where an account suddenly got logged out and when trying to login it said.

Sorry there was a problem logging you into Instagram. Please try again soon.

Then another account was verified and asked for review for 24H.

Both had experience of 1 time Temp Lock.

Anyone encountered the same?


Yes, my accounts have the same issue and I assume that it’s gone! :frowning:

wow a verified account got a 24 hour review? thats the first time ive heard of a verified account getting a review notice far out

Before it’s gone did you do capthca? then it said

Thank you for providing your info and for review for 24H?

This is for capthca… after doing it… it has 24H review… Did you encounter that too?

Your account has been banned. Same thing happened to me two days ago. First I was asked for a captcha code, then my profile went under the 24h review phase. After 24h, I tried to login and they told me my account is disabled. I am sending appeals to get it back. The only thing you can do now is wait for the 24h review to end, then your account will be disabled and you can start the appeal process through IG support.

do you know why your account is disabled? @Isma93

They say I violated the terms of service but my account did not post anything offensive and I did not do anything strange with it. No BOTs and no stuff like that, never. I have no idea, I am appealing and I will keep appealing until I get it back, even if takes me 10 years.

for the 24 hour review check these thread for available solutions:

as for this error, stop trying to login into the account for 24-48 hours then try again, if the issue persists then change the proxy (4g should be good) then try once again.

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