ℹ [MEGATHREAD] 24hr Review / Thank you for providing your info

Anyone have a loop where they have to keep verifying and then changing their password while on their mobile device?

will IG email me if my account gets disabled after the 24 hr review?

No.You will have to log the account and you will get a message that your acc is disabled.

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Hi Anon can you please share with me your information :pray:t2:

It’s really strange - I’ve noticed that SIM cards I have purchased from the local stores in the UK (I don’t buy from resellers) when I enter the Phone Number after solving Captcha leads to 24 Hour Review.

Not sure why, these are supposed to be “High Quality” numbers.

HOWEVER, if I use T3 country virtual numbers and enter this number instead of my UK “HQ” number, 99% of the time I don’t get 24 Hour Review… ok maybe 1 in 25.

So the trick to avoid 24h review is to use t3 virtual numbers and then once back into login, change the virtual number to my HQ UK number… otherwise if I keep running with the virtual number I get Captcha loop

For the accounts that have got 24 hour review, it’s been 1-2 weeks so far still nothing. 24h my ass

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I hope those are not long-term accounts, as you can kiss them goodbye once IG decides they wanna verify with the OG virtual number :sweat_smile:


It’s not OG virtual number - all of my accounts I purchase are aged and they have a PV number on them already. However, the past 2-3 weeks I have started to receive Captcha on many of the accounts because of the numbers used from the account seller. This never happened before for months. Maybe IG is realising it’s not my phone number since it’s completely new IP and it’s been a while since account is logged?

So to solve Captcha, I have to use T3 virtual numbers and then once unlocked use my own UK numbers.

If IG does want to verify it asks for both PV and EV - since I have access to OG email on all accounts, this is fine.

However I can see the problem if you are doing this method on accounts that have never been PV’d before.


I tried to DM you but can’t. Would you be able to help me? I can send you a message via telegram if you help me and willing to pay.

Exactly the same for me, when I use my new HQ french sim cards > 24h review

But when I use my personal phone number or friends phone numbers I got the account back at 100%

It’s so strange

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@Apex @xstaC

yesterday I got captcha + review for one personal account … I thought that account will be disabled but I had filled phone number into account before.

IG ask me after captcha for this phone number to get sms code.
Filled code and got account back.

i done this up to 24 hours .

Question is if we use non-voip phone number up to 24 hours then we can get account back.

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I used real numbers and didn’t get any account back.


@Anna87 did you have filled phone number before into account details ?

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I did, but didn’t use those numbers because they are not valid anymore, so I used new numbers, mine, my mother’s, my sister’s etc.

You think your account wasn’t disabled because you used a number that was already connected to the account?:thinking: In that case I should have reactivated numbers instead of using new ones.:weary:

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I would like to know if the same number - during creation /filled and the same during 24h review works.

How long after you received this “24 hour” message did it take for instagram to email you? And what did the email say, did you ever get it back?

My experience till now is that if you use the number already in the account, the number Instagram suggests, you will usually not get the 24 hr review.
If you use another number than the number already in the account, another number than what Instagram suggests, or use a new number if there was no number yet in the account you will get that review.

I use real phone numbers. Till now I never got an account back that had a 24 hr review. It says the same, wait for 24 hrs, and that takes weeks without any response.


Regarding the review times, I am in the same boat. Real sims but when it goes to review 24 I dont expect them comming back. Though I can say I cant keep track if any are comming back.

Since they are doing these reviews “manually”, everything is late “because of covid” but I dont see it getting better.
Tho if its related to the elections maybe they will “cancel” the manual review after since there is A LOT of the accounts getting it(a bit).

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I’m just trying to figure out how to stop Captcha from happening in the first place… not an easy task right now

Yeah if you PV with same number you won’t get review… but I no longer risk it if it doesnt ask for a number i own I just use Virtual T3 numbers and then re-PV to my UK numbers afterwards

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Saying that I just PV’d with same number that was on the account and got 24 Hour Review… WHAT…

Has anyone got an email from Facebook after sending the picture of yourself holding a hand-written code? How long does it take for them to answer? Been waiting for over a week now