Proxies for twitter - help needed


so last time I was running 1000 twitter accounts and i put 1 account per 1 proxy

i was advertising the same service.

then i made a mistake and i started placing 2 twitter accounts PER proxy

the next day I lost 1000 twitter accounts

now I am building again but my proxy provider has a lot of TIME-OUTS (dedicated proxies)

what are 2 proxy providers that you have used that are VERY CONSISTENT with twitter???

thanks guys !


I have been using High Proxies for my Twitter accounts with no issues.


where they tweeting the same links or images


I use 3 accounts on 1 OVH proxy without problems.
But I am not “advertising the same service”…


I went to their website, but could not see where they are selling proxies.

probably not selling proxies publicly anymore. only saw vpn, servers


With OVH you can rent a VPS and make your own proxies with extra IP’s.

You have to find out why you lost your accounts. If you are spamming the same website with 1000 accounts maybe the proxies are not the problem.


okay thanks dimitri

I have not tried to make my own IPs yet

my ISP usually charges $1 per IP per month, so renting was always the same price as using a proxy provider UNLESS you tell me that adding ips are only .10 ? , then I can study making my own proxies


With OVH you pay a setup fee, and after that about 4 Euro a month for a VPS with 17 IP’s. And if you can get IP’s for $1 a month you can use them with more accounts on 1 proxy.

You blame putting 2 accounts on 1 IP for the loss of Twitter accounts. But only that cannot be the reason. I use 3 accounts on 1 IP without problems.

I do know that with Twitter you have to be carful and not use the same actions on accounts on the same time.

For example; You start with 1000 accounts. Bought. They were made by someone in Russia. All in a row on emails. They were offline for 3 months. You quickly verify 500 of them on 500 proxies, 1 acc on 1 proxy. The next day you put 500 extra accounts on these 500 proxies. You can be sure that you will lose most accounts in a day. They connect accounts, all where made in 1 day, they were all verified in 1 day, they all got a second acc on the same IP in a day. Twitter connects accounts, sees them as a group, and will disable all of them.


Grow your proxy farm on OVH (euro servers) there is a topic about that. And it cheap on the longer term. (after 3 months you are dirt cheap). Ip’s are there a one time fee of $2 + tax and that is it. Just do not get them all in the same day/area. Just slowly get every few days some extra ip’s.


What are some standard good proxies for twitter though?