Proxy Farm Economics

Hi guys,

I have bought a server from china to start a small 4g farm. Does anybody have experience with the demand of this market?

The proxies will be located in Portugal and Spain and I’m curious also to what kind of pricing would be easy to sell them for. My idea is to sell only dedicated sims to each proxy. Would that work?

The data plans I will use include unlimited social media use, so data isn’t an issue and the price of the data is reasonable.

Be careful with the unlimited social data as a lot are in app only and won’t work when tunneled through a proxy. Learned this the hard way. There are already a few of those country providers on the marketplace. So, Id check them out and work on providing something that would deter people from using theirs over yours.

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I think pricing depends on how much you pay. Make it fair for you as well as your customers :slight_smile:

Can I ask which server you bought? Currently running my Proxies on raspberry but I think it’s not the ideal solution.

Thanks for the tip. I will try with one sim and see if it works, and then I will get more… If it doesn’t work, I will go with a normal 100gb plan.

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I found a manufacturer in China that produces 4g simbanks with EC25, focused on proxies, socks 4-5 and SMS.
It seems to be very easy to install and remove simcards, and also comes with the software needed to create them. It should be easier than raspberry pi…

I was doing raspberry pi myself, even with a proxidize server, but the prices seem to be way more expensive than just buying a 64 port-512 slot simbank. At least here I won’t have additional costs in the future, so now the cost will be the data plan costs, until I cover the price of the simbank.

The simbank with 64 slots costs around 2200-2800 usd.

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You could probably get away with 10gb plans. But depends what your clients are using them for. If they are scraping lots of videos and pics then they will use a lot.

Any opinions of what a fair price might sound like? I thought something like 49-50usd per

Ehmm, the ‘sim bank’ you are referring to is unfortunately not going to cut it, because it is intended to only serve a couple of cards at a time noticed how their price increases the more little antennas they have?
That’s how many of the cards can be used in parallel.

Secondly, those sim banks use the GSM modules, they are not meant for 4G/3G traffic.

OR I’m a boomer and you found some new awesome product, in which case do let me know! :cowboy_hat_face:


I think I might have… :slight_smile:

What is in it for me if I know something nice? :smiley: