Pssst. You in clubhouse? I just got in and it's really cool

Anyone got an extra invite? I’ll offer to let you post an advertisement on my 60K+ member Instagram group in exchange for an invite :smiley:

I would like an invite as well :joy: but I have nothing to offer tho just curious about that, a Christmas gift if anyone would like to give me one :grin:

Let me know if you have any Brother

Unfortunately I’ve given all my invites away but there are a lot of opportunities for networking. It’s almost like a huge conference with loads of talks going on at once. I spent last night speaking with a TV attorney, 2 big VCs, and a journalist at the New York Times. There’s nowhere else to be able to start conversations like that.

On top of that, there’s all of the more fun rooms like open mic nights, along with communities to talk about philosophy, gardening, meditiation, and whatever else.

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Sounds like a really great idea to be honest. Let’s see what they do with it :slight_smile:

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would love an invite if anyone has one

Also would love an invite if someone has one, I’ll offer to do a post/story for you on my 117k followers Instagram page as a thank you.

I like the concept. Nevertheless, if anyone thinks an audio only app will be any different from visuals-based apps, they’ve got another thing coming.

You can network on any app; Clubhouse will have its own pros/cons and niches.

I’m most interested to see what their monetisation strategy is!

check out my case study I just posted on my 20 day results… I think the numbers speak for themselves

DM me please if you have an invite, I have some bargaining chips if needs be.

i need invite too … please

Got in and check out later …looks good

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Need invite :slight_smile:

can someone plz invite me? :slight_smile:

I get on the hype train. Any invite? Thanks :pray:

If anyone could invite me I’d appreciate it!

If anyone offers an invite , i will be glad!

Would love to get one as well

been stalking in Clubhouse for a couple days. It’s incredible. Rooms of live meetings - voice only – in so many areas. business, covid, dating and so on. Get in folks if you can find someone to invite you. currently IOS only – it’s to me, simply Jaw Dropping


Any tips on getting an invite?