Pssst. You in clubhouse? I just got in and it's really cool

I just got invited into the clubhouse app, and I’ve got to say as an extrovert, it’s right up my alley. The networking value for me is the most valuable.

It’s invite-only at the moment, each member gets in and then gets one invite to send out.

and for those who aren’t aware of what it is:

I don’t have anymore invites :frowning:

everyone on telegram is talking about it!
they’re selling invites but my budget is pretty low so I figured I’d join later

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But what’s the benefit of the app? Networking? Or it’s just a hype thing? :slight_smile:

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I have only heard about the app today. How much does an invite cost? :thinking:

I just watch some video about it and it’s some kind of audio-only kind of app, something different definitely. But not so excited to pay for the invite. Yet :smiley:

I got in for free.99, they’re are a few free FB groups that help you get in for free too.

It’s CRAZY for networking. The follower conversion is 1 to 1

This is an app for speakers or people who can dominate a room vocally (me)

It’s also SUPER organic, I’ve already secured a ton of followers that found me on other platforms.

Since there is zero text integration, everyone follows you on other platforms

Only a matter of time till someone made an audio only social app :v: we’ve had all other ones


For people like me who have the gift of gab, it’s really a pleasure to use…

And the gift of humbleness. Lmfao


@Parliament You beat me to the punch, lol

Love the confidence/self belief, though


Usually d!ckswing statements like the OPs actually hide the complete opposite, so I disagree.


You are right in a way; you can’t crown yourself king if others don’t recognise/point out your greatness.

Unless you are Muhammad Ali, then no rules apply :joy:

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Imagine all the bs he must be giving every sorry ass soul in that network. I can only imagine: “oh no, it’s this guy again…”

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I don’t often come to mpsocial for entertainment but this is a hilarious topic and really cheered me up, haha.

Not sure you expressed your gift for talking enough so just wanted to double-check, you’re good at networking right? Think you gotta express yourself clearer or will lose out on the big pp moment here!

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This is actually, no kidding, the funniest and yet embarrassing comment I’ve read in all this time on MPsocial. :joy:


How big is your pp? BIGGER THAN LAST TIME! lol


I’m not even mad, I set myself up for this…

That being said, I take nothing back and agree with every statement I said :))

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I’d be glad to give you an invite if you still need one :slight_smile:


Check inbox !