PUBLIC MARKETPLACE { sales thread }

Hi everyone there
Have you all know something about PUBLIC MARKETPLACE { sale thread } approving or not because after Dec 2020 I haven’t seen any sale thread.

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Yeah I’m still waiting it’s been over a month😅 to get approved

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Ive heard they are very specific with who they bring in.
Ie. If you spam your way to get the required posts you may not be chosen. Not sure if this is facts or not.

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What are the required amount of posts? Is there also an age prerequisite to making a sales thread?

in rule section its written there that you should have minimum 50+ posts and having level 1 user @ldamien65

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Those don’t seem like that stringent of a requirement.

I haven’t seen anyone specific in this year 2021. So I think this might not be any reason.
Ofc u can not violate the rule of using the same content in multiple posts. But other than that there is nothing specific other than that.

Missing @Adnan a lot :sweat_smile: :joy:

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is he still here @Adnan as a mp social moderator?

Yes its not seems like stringent of a requirement but see this @ldamien65

  1. In order to be able to post a new thread, your account needs to be 30 days old, be at least Level 1 and have a minimum of 50 posts. This is to ensure that the marketplace doesn’t get spammed by outsiders that don’t really want to offer any value here.
  2. If the above apply and you want to create a sales thread, you need to contact @Adnan with what you want to sell and provide him with a review copy/ something to verify what you are selling. This is so we make sure the community only gets good products, accounts, services

I know of one guy that got rejected and still has the requirements so there is more to that I think.

Aka you need a website and jarvee with 70 accounts as well as a few other things.

I think the rules should be more strict as its annoying people bumping old threads with paraphrases and give absolutely no value. Also shows no credibility to the seller that wants to sell something.


Currently, you can apply for your sales thread to get vetted, just send me a PM.

Sales threads will be listed only after the new marketplace rules will be published/adjusted.

So yes, you can apply already and get it vetted. No, it cannot be published yet.


seems like it will take too much of time its ok we are waiting for that time and its right to have specific rules for marketplace.

I’m waiting for a month, but it seems I’m still ineligible to get the thread approval.
Exploring more kinds of eligibility stuffs and information.
Keep watching.

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