Public Marketplace Shitlist Rules & Regulation

Since we feel there’s a need for some accountability from the sellers so here’s a subsection - The Shit List - where buyers can complain about bad services. Should this happen to you from a service listed on the Mpsocial Public Marketplace here’s what to do.

Here are some general rules that you need to understand first!

  1. All threads listed here should only be about services listed on the Mpsocial Public Marketplace.
  2. Before opening a shitlist thread please make sure you make all the effort you can to amiably solve your problem with the seller. Wait at least 72 hours to hear back from the seller, provide all evidence you can to sustain your case and inform them you are going to create a shitlist.
  3. If you are not directly related to the situation and did not have a problem with the seller please do not interfere!
  4. Do not post personal information in the thread. Do not post emails, accounts, passwords, phone numbers, real names and so on. Neither of yourself nor the seller, if you have them.

How to create your shitlist thread

You must state your case as clearly as you can in your first post. Include all the evidence you can: logs of conversations, screenshots, links to the accused members profile, links to any posts related to the dispute, and the resolution you are looking for ( pay attention to nr.4 above, no personal information)

Final warnings before creating a shitlist

  1. Mpsocial or it’s staff/admins are not liable for your losses. Your business decisions are your responsibility, due diligence should be a vital component to any transactions. While we are not responsible for your losses, we will do our best to prevent, respond, and mediate applicable situations.
  2. Do not open a shitlist just to discredit someone, if you try to do this just for fun or simply to annoy someone you will be banned. This is serious, everyone’s time is important and someone will have to waste time to check everything and make a decision. Sometimes it’s a good idea to take a moment and breathe, shitlists should only be opened if the seller actually wronged you, not because the final result isn’t exactly as you expected.
  3. If you are the seller and the buyers claim is found to be true you will have to do your best to resolve the problem, otherwise your thread will be closed. Also, if you reach 3 shitlist threads over a period of 6 months and they are found to be true your sales thread will be automatically closed and you will be denied any other new sales threads.
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