PVA - just not getting any SMS from IG


I just can’t figure out what I might be doing wrong, have tried all possible combinations of my phone numbers (country code, adding dashes and such) and tried on embed browsers and API but I am just not getting any SMS from IG to verify my accounts and the Sims are definitely activated.

I am using real Sims and the first one I ever tried worked fine, I had gotten the message within a minute but since then I burned thru 9 more SIMs trying to verify my accounts (all on different proxies).

The only thing I can now think of is that IG might be soft banning certain sequential numbers but this might just be total paranoid talk lol and I don’t think that is really it. I have only access right now to the following type of numbers:



I would have expected at least the second batch of cards to work again since they are quite different from the first batch (3 last digits) but same problem.

Any thoughts or experience with this?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Wait a day and try again, they do this sometimes, it doesn’t matter what numbers you have.

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Thanks Johnny, it’s been 4 or 5 days now, I have tried everyday like 2 Sims.

so don’t waste more time/money on those accts as they’re probably already banned. Move on dude and good luck with the next batch of accts!

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Hmmm maybe… It isn’t a single batch however with no clear pattern. Been trying a bunch of different suppliers and ages plus self made accounts with a few different proxy suppliers so there isn’t a pattern on the affected accounts (I am keeping a log of pretty much everything I do). Apart from adding them in MP I have not really done any actions, maybe a handful likes and follows before the PVA showed up so I am not sure they are already beyond saving but yeah I won’t fuss about the accounts much but I want to figure out whats going on at least lol.

Hmmm, strange, I’ve seen this issue, however it usually stops being a problem after 1-2 days, if you say it’s been 4-5 day already I am not sure what to say, either the accounts are totally blcked/lost or Ig might have a bug …Leave them for a longer period of time, try 2 weeks and see if that solves it…

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Sometimes it’s not the sims, but rather where you get the accs from and your IP.

If all else fails, then what @Johnny said about a bug in IG is the culprit.

Or, what i can say is there are a certain periods when they start to block all actions from happening, registration, sms, etc. I haven’t encountered your strange bug just yet, but i did encounter sms not coming through on virtual numbers on some bought accs, but i received the sms from self made accs.

I didn’t want to burn through my own sim, so i used HMN to verify and it works. Idk, but did you add the + sign?

Since you’re the only one facing this issue, it’s hard to tell who’s at fault.

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Thanks Johnny, I will wait and keep this updated here.

yes, and I have tried any weird combinations I could think of as well, so this can’t be it. It’s just so weird that the first ever sim I tried did work so I am thinking there might be some kind of footprint which I could have left somehow, I gotta figure this out…

Update: I bought a couple more SIMS from another mobile company so the numbers are totally different and I have the same problem, so at least I know now it has nothing to do with the numbers being sequential…

Affected accounts:

  • a handful self made ones
  • a couple different suppliers with ages ranging from 1 week old to 2 years old, most in the 3-6 month range
  • accounts sitting on a number of different proxies from different providers (maximum 2 accounts per proxy, most got 1 per proxy)

pretty much fucking me across the board and I can’t pinpoint it… Will keep trying everyday

Try my service and you will get the number

Yeah sure, how do I find your service?

i sell only on skype
i don’t have a website

Ah ok! PM coming ;).

what service are you offering?

There has to be a common thing, their checks found something they thought connected everything it can’t be random, but yes, as you said, it will probably be really hard to pinpoint giving all the different elements

Running out of ideas as to what that common thing could be, have also tried Salas phone service and not getting any SMS there either so at least I am able to confirm that it has nothing to do with sims or numbers (that helps already).

I really don’t care about those accounts but can’t move forward before I figure out what’s going on, I mean the internet is filled with people whining about not getting sms from IG and they are legit users (not saying am not haha) so it doesn’t just affect me but it’s weird that this seems to happens for multiple accounts.

Gonna try 1-2 accounts phone verifying before it even needs PVA and see what happens and then also try to recover 1-2 accounts that had this happen to. Will report back.

Anyone experienced something like this?

soooo random or maybe not, the account I tried to verify about 4 hours ago with my sim has just gotten a SMS a few mins ago from IG (I hadn’t taken the SIM out of the phone and I repasted the verification email link in the embed browser which didn’t seem to have an effect or maybe it somehow did). I might be back in business :smiley: trying another now and leaving the sim in there

Haha, so this could all just be a huge delay from them? That would be something…

little update, I was able to receive a couple more sms (gone thru some annoying PV loops too) but seems like most of the accounts I had tried to verify and not gotten an sms are now deleted by IG, it seems like highproxies was hit the hardest, pretty much nothing survived on their amazing IG IPs whereas most of my test accounts on shared proxies and cheaper suppliers are doing fine lol.

btw why do accounts still show phone verification needed in MP when they are already banned (perhaps my definition of banned account isn’t correct?? - account is gone when I browse to it is my current definition).

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going to answer my own question, accounts not showing up in the web are not yet banned, just got one back with another delayed SMS… seems like IG is just having a little fun with me haha