Quality IG follows, Finding IG 'super users'


Hi all,

Been reading on this forum for a while, going to start contributing more. This is definitely the best place I’ve found on the internet for high level IG knowledge.

With IG’s crackdowns across the board, & f/f limits down, it’s more important than ever that your follows are quality.

I am currently building a tool that will help you find ‘super users’ of keywords/categories/your competitors & users that are most likely to convert on DM’s.

It will work like this:
Provide me your target audience, keywords, user accounts, and the system will spit out a list of ‘highly engaged users’ for you to follow.

Not to drop trendy buzzwords but some solid ML, and ‘big data’ going into this product.

Will be happy to test it with this community 100% free while in BETA.

Not trying to sell a product here, will be looking for high level feedback on how to make it great &
and ready for the masses.

Reply/like if you’re interested in the wait list, it’s about 2-3 weeks out from BETA.



Great work, would love this.


Looking forward to hearing more! :slight_smile:


Nice, keep us updated!


I am interested and waiting for more info :fire::v:


I’m interested in this job you’re doing. I hope to try it soon!


I’m interested. I hope to try it soon!


Would be interested to test this for M/S Networks I have in different Niches (Photography, Fitness, Music)


I am also interested, will wait for your DM.


Interested! Will wait for the beta access. Thanks!


Im interested, add me to the wait list :slight_smile:


Very interesting. Id love to try it as well. Good luck! :fist:t3::pray:t3:


nice, thanks ! Looking forward :slight_smile:


Interested. Looking forward to it


I am also interested and I will be grateful for the message :slight_smile:


Definitely interested in this. Looking forward to see how it works!


Sure I am also open to trying new stuff! Look forward to hearing more and testing the program! :slight_smile: Happy to provide feedback as well!


Keen for when it’s ready. Please send details.


Sounds really nice, I think you came to the perfect place to test out a software like this


Definitely interested as I’m running some test quality child accounts.