Quality IG follows, Finding IG 'super users'


Looking forward to testing and will provide constant feedback!


Interested :slight_smile:


Sounds great! Very much interested. All the best with the tool :slight_smile:


I will gladly participate


Awesome, will keep everyone updated on progress & when it’s ready to test!


I’m definitely Interested, put me in line please


Awesome - Thank you! Add me to your list.


Interested, please add me to list.Thanks!


Interested! Will wait for the beta access. Thanks!


I would be very much interested! Please add me to the wait list.


Interested to see what it can do as well.


interested! would love to try it out on some account to beat the recent changes


Hypothesis 1: He is a really nice guy trying to sharing his discovery with us, and really smart doing this post before he really helps to get some likes to go to lvl2.

Hypothesis 2: He is just really smart. :joy::joy:


Interested! Please add me to the wait list :slight_smile:


@LuisEduardo It’s a legit program :joy: ! Looking forward to sharing it with this MPSocial community so I can refine it and then create a paid service for the masses.
Will be 100% free for MPSocial homies.


Hey, very interested and will provide feedback. Please add me to your list.


Hi there, very interested in trying it! please count me in.


Sounds great, count me in as well! :grin:


Also interested. Please add me to your list. Thanks!


Sounds interesting. Def keep me posted. Thanks!