Quality IG follows, Finding IG 'super users'


Definitely Interested. Never gonna give up Instagram marketing despite the crap gg on. :slight_smile:


getting to lvl 2 isn’t hard. the only hard part is being on this forum for 15 days XD as I just joined 2 days ago.


Great work, very Interested


I’d love to help out!


I’m interested :slight_smile:


I would love to try this for my non profit work amougst veterans and victims of human trafficking. Thanks s much !!


VERY interested!


Interested also.


Interested. Add me to the waitlist


So I am waiting to see it!! So you are a really nice and smart guy!!! :facepunch:t3: Hugs!!


I will not give my take on your opinion because it can drive @andreokfel `s topic to a different direction (“what is more difficult in order to achieve lvl2”) :rofl:


also interested, thank you


very curious! :smiley:


I’d like to take a look a bit deeper into it :slight_smile:


Would love to try it out! Interested


Interested (13 char)


Definitely up for beta testing!


I am very interested!


cool! I’m interested.


Sounds good. Very interested.