Quality IG follows, Finding IG 'super users'


I’m interested


@andreokfel any news about the release?


I’m Interested!


Would love to try this as well. Thank you for your work!


Very Interested


Hey all - This is still a work in progress.

Thanks for your patience. Really looking forward to getting feedback from everyone here.

As part of this tool, you can also scrape emails from accounts (from emails in bio + business emails)


I’m interested! Let me know thanks


Care to share the tool? Also interested! Thanks


Sounds very interesting! Can you please share it with me? Tia


Would love to be part of your beta testers


Definitely interested in this! Thanks!


Ready to become a tester for you!


Would be down for a test aswell :slight_smile:


Sounds like a interesting tool, in to try


If you need one more I would be happy to help!


Hey, any updates on the tool?


very interesting, some news?


This sounds really god. Would love to try it out.


Definitely interested!


Are you facing any limits on scraping these sources?

Do we need to provide accounts to be logged in and used for the scraping?