Quality IG follows, Finding IG 'super users'


Interested! Thank you!


Keen to test and provide feed back. I have a good pool and number of accounts to test on


I would love to try it…great job


waiting to test


Would love to try - thanks for sharing!


Looking forward to this! :+1:t5:


Interested yes please! I would like to test it


Interested! Update us when it drops


i am interested


I’m interested as well


Nice one!
I will deff would try it!


Count me in as well! Is the f/f limits why my accounts haven’t followed since June 4th? I’m confused. Hopped on here to see what’s on and I saw this.


I’m interested @ryouian


i am interested let me know when it on!
i would love to do the test on the tool


That’s a lovely initiative ! Thank you ! I’d love to try it :slight_smile:


I would like to try it
Thank you :smile:


Would like to test the beta of this. Definitely message me when it comes out.


I’d like to test it too! Sounds interesting, hopefully I can provide some valuable feedbak!


Great work. I’m interested in testing. Please add me to the list.


I’d like to try