Question about group boards

@Adnan ples correct me if am wrong

if i pin on a group board who are the people that sees my pin?

is it only members of the group board that sees the pin or

members of the group board as well as their followers

When you pin to Pinterest group board, in theory, pin should be seen by your followers and followers of that group board.

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@adnan I realized that the number of followers of my group board don’t change when I add new people. Does the number of group board followers only increase when users follow my contributors AFTER they joined my group board?

When you add user as contributor to your board, it doesn’t mean its followers will automatically become your board’s followers. It doesn’t work that way. You won’t see increased number of followers there.

But if users follow all boards of my contributors AFTER they joined my group board, they should also follow my group board. Am I right?

If they go through their boards and click on Follow below each, they will follow your board too and you’ll see increase in followers count.

If they just follow user (click on Follow button on user’s profile page) - your board won’t be followed.

Thanks for the answer!

So adding a lot of contributors isn’t really helping to increase your reach, apart from giving more users the possibility to discover your group board, when they browse through the profil of the contributor.

Do you have any advices on growing group boards, expect adding a bunch of contributors? :slight_smile: