Question about IP Block

Instagram reactivated my page recently but I am scared that my IP address is still blocked from their system and that if I log into the app using my phones IP address I will lose my page.
I understand that there are VPN apps that can change your IP address but I am such a frequent user, I dont want to have to use any additional apps to access instagram.
My phone is an iphone 7, if I were to go to the Apple store and swap my phone out for a new one, would my new phone have a different IP (or whatever it is that instagram has blocked from their system)?


A new iphone will not give you a new IP. The IP depends on the Wifi network you connect with. And if you use your mobile phones internet the IP will probably change every time you disconnect and connect again.

Do you know why Instagram blocked you ? Did you use bad language ? They blocked me once for that.

You will most likely have a different IP, just turn airplane mode on and off again to get one. I never had trouble with banned accounts even after logging them in on the same IP. Did you like or follow or unfollow a lot of people before getting banned? That might the problem.

As far as I know Instagram never bans IPs, only accounts. And if they blocked your device, then it must have been something like your IMEI.

They disabled me for sexuality even though I didn’t post anything sexual. When I tried to contact them they didn’t respond which is why I think something about my account was blocked. Not sure if I should change my username or what

They weren’t responding to my emails so I assumed they blocked some part of my phone or service… is there a way to get a new IMEI

So would you suggest that I just don’t connect to that wifi network anymore? I’m trying to figure out how to keep my page safe, the last time I recovered it I logged in with a vpn app and when I uninstalled the app my page was disabled

Are you new here ?

I understand that you recovered your page. With your phone and a VPN. You disabled the VPN. You used your page again with your phone. And than your page got disabled again. For me this points at the IP.

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(Yes I am new) and correct I believe it IS an IP issue, however I was told my phone has more than one IP (ip address for 3G, in address when I’m home connected to wifi…) how would I know WHICH connection is causing the ban? Or what can I do so that I won’t have to worry about this in the future?

Change Internet provider or just go to the mall, connect in their WIFI then go back home. If you get disabled again, at least you did some Science.

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If you use your phone with 3G your IP will change every time you connect or disconnect. It is very unlikely that these IP’s are the problem. Probably it is the IP of your Wifi. Which means that you are having a big problem.

I am getting curious about what you posted :wink:

So are you saying as long as I don’t connect my phone To my home wifi I should be okay? And I didn’t post anything to violate guidelines , I had a pretty big page and people spam reported me when I wouldn’t post them

Well, if enough people flag you for spam, then your content is either really offensive, or a competitor is trying to get you banned.

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Yes, someone was trying to get me banned… my account WAS banned… but now that I have it back, I am trying to figure out this ip issue

Well no, as others said, i don’t think it’s really an ip issue. Residential ip will not give you much problem. Sometimes, it could be device, so the best you can do now is to reset the iphone, possibly a hard reset so that it will clear all traces of device fingerprint. Not sure what else is there to do.

What exactly is the ip issue you’re talking about? What function is restricted?

Residential ip, pretty sure you are on a it, is usually dynamic. When you cycle the airplane mode, you will usually get a new IP. And also your ISP will occasionally issue you a new IP even if you don’t want to. You cannot control it. So that means, it is zero chance for the IP to cause you any issues.

If you’ve already got your page back, then there’s nothing for you to do, just carry on. If it gets banned again then you can try to figure out the issue.

People who have issues are usually on a proxy. So, again, there’s really nothing for you to do to future proof it, you can’t.


I’m not sure which function is restricted, in the past I used a vpn app to help recover my page, and once my page was recovered and I logged in and uninstalled the vpn app, my page was deactivated the same day.
I was logged into a vpn app this time around when my page was restored so I’m not sure if I have to KEEP my vpn app on or not…
( I also went to the Apple Store and swapped my iPhone out for a new one, not sure if this helped anything )

VPN can cause issues, you shouldn’t use it, if you’re not even running more than 1 account. And neither do you need it for anything at all really.

And no, swapping your iphone does nothing.

You got the page back, that’s it. End of.

I really dont see a point in your paranoia.

If you have more legit source other than insisting it is the IP which everyone said is not, you are free to continue.

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Use the same ip, if it gets re-banned respond to the same support ticket it.

I currently have 2 accounts running on my phone (I’ve used this phone to CREATE more accounts but they are not running) so your saying delete the vpn app and just keep my fingers crossed that I don’t get banned again ?

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