[QUESTION] Public Vs Private Account


The question is are private account growing better than public ones? Anyone has experience? Let us know.

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It depends on how good your content is. Private accounts grow well because they make people follow them to view content, but the post don’t reach the explore page

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so maybe for 1-10k followers it’s great private ones?

Hmm that’s a good question. In my opinion, I wouldn’t go private until having at least 10k followers (with good engagement of course).
Perhaps someone with a bit more experience on private pages can chime in :slight_smile:

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I’ve heard people go private before doing shoutouts. But tbh I wouldn’t go private if your goal is growing…


Good point :slight_smile:

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After going from private to public I make the experience, that your hashtags dont work as well and your er drops very much, as I was private my story views arent going that high

The benefit is if you make good jarvee settings you can get like 150-200 follow requests daily, but that is limited to this number cause you dont rank in the explore page

Only when you do shoutouts and your shoutout partner value your account in his story you can get many many requests and instant engagement after accepting those

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it depends on your account. My accounts go viral nearly for every post so keeping them public it’s much a better choice.