[Question] What do you say when you want to ask a repost from people?

Can you guys share how to ask others people to repost their photo ?



Just ask? Be polite. Thats it.



I tell them I’m holding their photo hostage until they release the rights into the public domain. Then ask for money.

Not really, just ask as pointed out above. If they say no, find something else.

I never ask it😬 If i ask it and he say no he can report me. Because i will still repost it.
It’s better to say nothing. Just do it.


Can’t do much else but go for it

Why ask? Depending on how you setup your account. You can easily just say something along the lines of “use my hashtag or tag my account to be featured”. If they use it or tag you it implies that they are giving you permission to repost. Most everything on instagram is a repost anyway.


Copy this line:

‘Hi NAME, I really love the quality content you post !! Would you mind to repost one of my content?’

I dont really ask them, I just repost. And when I did actually ask each one of them, nobody would ever say no! So I dont think its a problem. :slight_smile:

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This 100% add in feature or shoutout to the hashtag and its fairly obvious it’s for a repost

If they have an account set to public repost it then give them credit. There’s a reason why their account would be set to public. Who wouldn’t want a dew extra followers?

“May I repost your post?” works like a charm

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@ian that is the best idea I have heard all year. :smiling_imp:

I’m going to try it out en let you know how it goes :zipper_mouth_face: and don’t worry if my hostage asked about it I will give you credit for it :+1:

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Some modes / artist will say no if they don’t like the “image” or overall “brand” your page represents… I’ve seen “sex”/ porn pages repost models, and when the modes find out, they don’t want their brand affiliated with that type of page so they report the page and it gets disabled (or the post gets removed.) If they say “NO” or ask you to remove their photos, just do it… Keep your page safe

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Some simplified info which might be helpful:

Depends on which country you are in - but in Australia the law is such all images have copyright to their creator (the photographer, not the subject) and you are able to use them if:

  1. you give credit (this is like quoting an author when you take a passage of text, totally fine because you are saying where you got it from)
  2. you change it by more than 20%. How that is measured is debatable, but it allows people to make collages and mashups without having to get permission for each image
  3. with expressed written consent from the creator or
  4. if it has a creative common zero licence.

Although Instagram addresses some copyright issues in their TOS the etiquette is still reflective of the laws - you need to give credit, change, or ask (assuming they haven’t made it clear you are welcome to repost without credit). Giving credit is the quickest because you don’t have to wait for a response.

To those who are just reposting without credit, in the highly unlikely scenario you get sued for this (why take the risk though?) you will be liable for any financial gain from using their work or/as well as any damages they can claim. So if a model successfully argues you have cost her a career in modelling because of damage to her reputation, you will be up for paying what she would have made otherwise.

A more likely scenario is an angry content creator doing some damage to your public reputation. Also not fun.

Why not just :camera_flash: @theirname ? Most times people love the extra attention.


2 reasons why i dont do that.

I want that new followers follow me and give the engagement to me. Not to the original poster. Mostly we are acting in the same niche as the original and i dont want to devide the engagament.

And second, you will get so many reports and complaints drom the original maker of the post. You can mention them and give them all the credit. Still, you will be surprised how many reports you will get from them…

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I had a user that I reposted from - I did tag them in the pic but not in the caption - he commented on my post asking “why are my pictures are all over your page without permission?” (3 total). Wasn’t verified or relevant for that matter. Blocked and heard nothing since. These types of people are up their own @ss.

I had someone do something similar, they started sending me rage email spam, had people they worked with contact me on their behalf after being blocked… was looking down a deep rabbit hole of fail.

Eventually it stopped when I unblocked the account, but it went on for almost 2 weeks I think.

So, ultimately, be prepared for any type of behavior from someone if you don’t ask for permission first. Even though it’s not really needed.

Personally I like to give credit because well… its nice. But nowadays I don’t even bother due to the problems that comes with it… There is always some ahole out there unfortunately.


I wouldn’t even bother asking to be honest. Just repost and give them credit, it’s a win-win for both of you.

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