Questions about Jarvee in 2020

I do not understand what is the difficulty in working with many people now. =\ Ask questions, I will try to help you as much as possible and run Your Jarvee


i have 2 Question please

  1. what is the MAX recommended actions to all this action at the same time F/U/L ?

  2. I get alots of temp blocks and i needed to logout and log back in every time and i do it manually , its normal? how can i get read of this temporary blocks?

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Can you send Dms to your new followers without getting blocks

How can you pass the action temporary block in eb?
I log out and log in max one for days to prevent hard block, but sometimes the temporary still inside.
What do you recommend ? Thanks

Are you working with EB only?

How many accounts per one 4g mobile? if 4g proxy costs 20$ (raw proxy) can i run there 10 accounts without problem doing follow and unfollow?

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I’d also like to know if you’re able to send DMs without blocks and if so how (EB or API etc) and how many per day?

No more than 210 subscriptions, no more than 210 unsubscribes and no more than 137 likes of comments. Also, when I subscribe, I have a like + view story. Also about blocking, if the settings are set correctly, you will very rarely catch blocks. Set the suspending tool temporary block from 17 to 30 minutes, and for a second block for 320-420 minutes


Yes, I can send. Now sending messages works the same way as mass subscription. You need to warm up your account

I try to give the account to lie down as I wrote in the answer above, putting down the settings. I do relogin if it is necessary no more than 2 times a day. But this happens quite rarely

90% of my accounts are running EB + scrapper. The remaining 10 per cent work through the API

I use my 4G proxies, and I put no more than 8 accounts on them for 1 proxy. by the way, the proxy country plays almost no role. That is, if you are in Canada, for example, you can safely use Russian 4G proxies, under certain conditions.

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Many profiles I have do and on 25 and 35 sending messages. Sending works only via EB, if all other tools work on EB in this profile. If profiles work on the API, then sending works on the API

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By the way, guys. I’m sorry for my English, I don’t speak it very well. If you do not understand something, ask a question, I will try to Express my thoughts more accurately

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Sending messages to Direct. But this dynamic is good, not for all accounts.

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Hi instascalp, thx for you time and explain.

I actually run account who have a lot of issues. I use 4G proxies from Italy and Brasil and I m in Belgium / Us for most of my customers.

  • I do less than 150 actions daily less than 20/hour (only follow/unfollow) + FBE (Only EMB)
  • I use a scraper account to send sources from another provider (residential).
  • I run 3 accounts / Proxies

Sinds one week I have a lot of issues with my account (Email verification).

I don’t do actions in the same time (8 hours follow / 5 hours unfollow).
I try to never log in / log out more than 2 times a day (Hard block issues).

I really don’t undertsand what’s wrong with my settings. Can you give more info about that?

Well, first of all. take actions at the same time, such as subscribing, unsubscribing, and liking comments. Also, confirmation by email, this is a problem that everyone has encountered in the last week, this is a problem with authorization from instagram. It’s much better now. Please send screenshots of your settings

On Jarvee I can get the follow tool to work properly.
However, the unfollow tool keeps getting blocked only after a few unfollows.
I have logged out and back in.
I have rested the tool for over 3 days.
Do you have any other ideas I might try?
Thank you

Can you successfully scale a business using Jarvee? Can you run 2500 clients while adding 25+ a day. Keep in mind those 25+ a day came from other agencies and got mass AC messages, soft blocks, hard blocks, etc. Asking for a friend.

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Plz, show your settings for Scraper account, EB or Full Api? Thx!