Questions about Jarvee in 2020

Are you using 4g proxy static or dynamic that keeps changing ip if yes after how many minutes does your proxy ip change.

do you use full browser experience?

Yes, I can. But for some accounts it may take 2-3 days

Yes, I use the full browser experience. Also, I use my 4G with relogin every 50-60 minutes

Please show your settings.

Hello there. So far most of the 3rd apps show some kind of problem with automation. Latest changes make a lots of problems. A new feature on IG where you can see who you interact least and who is shown most in your feed (check image) is making my automation problems( i figure that from checking few things). My 3rd party app cant follow/unfollow because I get prompt “action is on cooldown” but if I enter manually through that 3rd party app I can follow/unfollow without a problem.

In addition, I’m leaving email that I get from support on my automation platform
Hi Bojan,

I understand. As you noticed, Instagram made lots of changes in the last few weeks. We are now working day and night to adapt these changes with our engineering team. Our app is working but sometimes the Instagram app does not accept your actions. Luckily we found some solutions working for some of our users.

Be patient, Instagram Marketing is a long term business. If you also don’t do any action for a few days to keep your account cool off, your account also can get start working.
1- Firstly, Relogin your account on the top right of the page
2- Don’t keep the app working for 24 hours. Just keep it working during the daytime so it can look more humanistic. This is very effective if you get multiple bans. When you get a ban, wait for a while without doing any automation, then try turning on switches.

Most of the accounts are working right now, but slower than before. We will continue working day and night to give you better service, please keep in mind that you also should keep your numbers lower than before to keep using the app with fewer errors. We promise we are doing our best and please send us an email if you have any questions :slight_smile:

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Hello guys,
I am really good on scraping users etc but I tried only EB but only 1 account is working correct.
could I have more details about delay minutes and sec?
doing 125-150 follow per day would be perfect!
Last, but not least I am using ipv6 usa proxies, is that so bad?
Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

If you’re using IPV6 proxies on the account using the EB to perform actions that’s the problem. Try a raw 4G mobile proxy.

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Okay, any suggestion for an affordable and trustworthy provider ?
rotating , 4g etc
Also, last but not least, why using ipv6 or ipv4 and EB is wrong?
let me understand more please :slight_smile:

Check out this guide:

But why ipv6 is not able to work?
One profile is working…seems to be cheap and not bad
But still blocks…
please explain why should I reject ipv6?

tnx for your response now it works perfectly
i have one more question please

im using scrape account to find the users sources for my main account
so how can i manage the source to be good ratio?
because if i use scrape it don’t show me the follow back ratio :thinking:

which provider do you use?

My qustion: At how many follows / day you start with a new created m/s account?

Welcome. It all depends on each account individually. But I don’t think I can run 25 a day. Account for 10-15 Yes, I can

It’s not that bad. But it is better to use a 4G proxy, it is very simple about delays. As much as possible you need to repeat real actions, that’s all. For example I set a delay between subscriptions from 2 to 8 seconds

I have my own mobile proxies. They are better because these are the addresses you use when you are on instagram.

I start with 20-30 a day, and every day I increase by 8-15

Hello, actually I run Jarvee using API + EMB/scraper. I m making a test on 4 accounts (4G mobile)
Two of them work I do actions without any block.

Mu only problem is that every 2 days I got Email verifiy I don’t know why.
Do you know what’s wrong? I tried differents thins but in the end I got “Help us to verify that you own this account”.

If you know what is the problem I m really not able to resolve this (trying sinds 2 weeks…)

Hi. Take a screenshot of your settings in Social Profile

I stuck with problem maybe you know solution or help me.

Most of my accounts do not want work only with EB! I get

2/27/2020 9:41:01 AM - Auto Follow - Error executing Follow for the ’ **’ account. : code 550 - Cannot execute because you dont have any valid IG accounts logged in via api to - ***** - True 2/27/2020 9:54:32

My scraper accounts work at nighttime, when main accounts work in daytime. Accounts that do not use scraper get same error.

Accounts valid via API and synch f/u, login in EB! I have never received this error before! What am I doing wrong? When I off only EB, everything works! But I need work with EB only and scraper. Thx for help!