Quora Hiding Answers

I’ve just noticed that Quora is hiding my answers that I’ve automated (with spintax). They’re not even showing when you visit the profiles from a different account.

Does anyone know how to get around this issue?

Well, they probably didn’t like something about your behavior. Were you using links or maybe mentioning the same product/service very often in your answers?

I used a youtube link in my texts

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that would be the reason for that hide, Quora is a strict platform you should be careful of what you share, or else they will ban the entire account for minimal reasons.

Yea, I understand that. It’s just weird that I have two other accounts that I do the same with but manually but those are not affected.

Are you using a proxy on that account? How often do you post the same link to your Quora account? Maybe the shadowban issue isn’t because of the Youtube link, but because you post way too often using the tool.

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Probably the issue with the link. Have you tried using bitly or some other service for shortening your links?

Quora is a community-driven community where users upvotes and downvotes do matter to keep the post live and active. If they don’t like the answer, a single downvote may put your answer hidden. Please make sure your content is useful, relevant and informative.

I have a few accounts with Quora, and they all are active for years as my answers are updated, topic-related and useful. I put a link in every post.

Surely everyone on this forum understands this basic social media etiquette.

You guys missed the point.

probably because I used the same link repeatedly. Also, these accounts were not posting previously, they were just doing the upvoting.

I understand, but that is the most common mistake that users do, comparing accounts to each other which can be frustrating, you should know that every account has its own data and trust score on the social platform algorithm so each account is unique, that been said, when you do actions with an account it does not mean that other accounts will be able to be the same.