Random Like Blocks. Like after follow and likes are turned off

Are anyone receiving any random like blocks on accounts? Follows and viewing stories are fine, but some clients have been texting me today letting me know they cannot like anything on their account even though likes and like after follow are completely turned off. Very peculiar.

You have been registered since May 13, so you should see that there are main threads already created for these topics.
But why use the search option?
It’s easier to create and give me a solution …

No need to be passive aggressive. I already used the search option but this type of temp block is different because NO likes are being used on the account.

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But it’s about blockade …
I’m not aggressive :slight_smile:
I’m writing only culturally.
As for the blockade, you write in the thread with locks, please, look for a second.

Threads have been moved to level 2.
So write in this main thread :slight_smile: Do not add new topics, because there is a lot of it

Everything is still working fine for me :slight_smile:

i too experience like blocks on many of my accounts that are aged and ive taken my aggressive settings away…

I had a couple last week, I rested the like tool and like after follow and continued with all other actions and they went away in a couple of days

What proxy you guys using ?

I recently stopped all like actions on slave accounts because i got blocks and wanted to secure the accs.