Ranking in hashtags, but low hashtag reach 2020

Has anyone else experienced this?
Ranking in top 9 for hashtags, but showing low Hashtag Reach

This is a 2020 discussion because I didn’t want to bump a 1+ year old thread

What I’m going to try is switch to another account to see what suggested users show up for my account and steal their hashtags

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yeah I think its something that is happening in 2020 and I don’t know yet how we can face it…

It’s just weird that the hashtags I was using a few weeks ago gave great results… but now I’m ranking in hashtags but little hashtag reach.

Absolutely confirming this.
Posts are visible through hashtag search, but the exposure is much smaller.
It seems that follow/ unfollow or automating/ not automating doesnt matter, same content on different accounts does very bad in most cases, while in others it’s suprisingly good.
Best working accounts in terms of ER are the most heavily automated.

You can confirm ranking in hashtags, but getting low hashtag reach? @PierreDOlain

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Yes, this is what I want to confirm.
Unfortunately accounts that were never automated and not f/unf in 2 years were hit too.

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This is unfortunate… I guess the solution is paying for ads, which I refuse to do. I agree that some accounts with extremely high engagement are either viral accounts, heavily automating, or babe accounts

At the same time some accounts ER went up by even 600% without any unusual actions taken. No actions taken at all actually, just posting with geolocation and that’s it.

I’ll try geolocation. I’m just trying to understand why this is happening from an Instagram developer perspective. My theory so far is zuckerberg et al wants instagram’s “middle class” to pay for ads, but will keep promoting the huge accounts to keep regular users around

Geolocation is not a solution, all my accounts use it because of targeting specific customers from specific cities. I see it as a punishment, but can’t see the pattern. Some accounts went from 300 likes in a day to 12, that’s insane.

Oh, I thought you were saying geolocation helped.

That is pretty extreme. For me it’s getting 2300 likes with hashtags versus 1900-2100 without them

Wow, it sounds like some sort of shadowban. How long is that happening to you? I presume that after couple of days it should go back to your standard engagement…

Maybe it is, but I still see my posts in top post from an account that doesn’t follow me. And the engagement drop isn’t dramatic

It’s been around a week after I got hashtag reach from a few days. Maybe the issue is that I was overusing certain hashtags. Even though I’m still making top post for some